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Traffic ahead makes Dege "fast"

Ganzi Daily December 16, 2019

Gongye Township Yutuo Village Linked Highway. Photo by Wu Zhiwen

Manigango long-distance passenger waiting point. Photo by Hu Tinghui

Road checks and balances, traffic restrictions, and plateau dangerous roads have always hindered the economic and social development of Dege County. Speeding up traffic construction, improving travel conditions, and realizing the smooth flow of goods are not only what the leaders of Dege County Party Committee and County Government think, but also the common aspirations of Dege cadres and the masses for many years. With the completion of the Cheershan Tunnel and the opening of the Gesar Airport, Dege County has entered a new era of "three-dimensional traffic."

The completion of rural roads, passenger cars into towns, trucks into villages, agricultural vehicles to the fields, convenient for the people, shipped out agricultural products, earned money, happy The farmers and herdsmen. Along the highway, new homes are standing up, businesses are booming, and trucks full of agricultural products come and go ... Dege's urban and rural changes are so great, thanks to the "gong in the contemporary era, benefit in a thousand years" Fumin Highway Project.

◎ Ma Jianhua

In the early days of liberation, there was no one-inch highway in Dege County. On December 25, 1954, the Sichuan-Tibet Highway was completed and opened to traffic. At the time, the vice chairman of the People's Government of Xikang Xia Ke Daoden wrote: "From my hometown, Delong County, Yulong to Kangding It takes 22 days to go horseback riding, and now I'll be in a jeep in two days. "

However, "climbing up Queer Mountain, the whip hits the sky." Queer Mountain at 6,168 meters above sea level is like a stilt, which is daunting.

On September 26, 2017, the Cheershan Tunnel, the world's highest longest tunnel in the world, was officially opened to traffic. Overpassing Cheershan was shortened from more than 2 hours to just 10 minutes, and the "Sichuan-Tibet First Risk" changed course. .

At 9:28 a.m. on September 16, 2019, Ganzigesar Airport was officially opened to traffic, marking the perfect completion of the 13-year civil construction of the Ganzi Prefecture Civil Branch Airport. Chengdu travelers can experience the marvelous journey from the modern civilized city to the birthplace of Kangzang culture within one hour.

"Before the Queershan Tunnel was not repaired, it took two days to travel from the county seat to Kangding. On the first day, we lived in Luhuo County, the next day we could reach Kangding, and the third day we could reach Chengdu. This is still the case when the road is clear. If you encounter a heavy snow-capped mountain, you will not be able to reach Chengdu in a week. "Said Dema County Transportation Bureau Director Ni Ma Zeren. Now, after the airport is opened, it takes nearly two hours from the county seat to the airport, plus an hour of flight time, to Chengdu was shortened to 4 hours. At present, Dege County is stepping up coordinating the construction of the expressway to the Gesar Airport, grasping the implementation of the project, and building a gateway that highlights the characteristics of Dege at the junction of the two counties on the Airport Road. After the project is completed, the distance from the county seat to the airport will be greatly shortened.

Majing Village is the most remote village in Dege, 318 kilometers away from the county seat. Inconvenient transportation and travel difficulties have been plagued the development of the village. In particular, the 50-kilometer Tongcun dirt road is a big pit and a small pimple.

"In the past, it took 5 hours to go to the main line of Langzha Road, and it took me a whole day to get to the county seat. Now there are Tongxiang You Road and Tongcun Hardening Road. It only takes four or five hours to run the county seat." Villager Wu Jinzeren rejoiced The "broken road" in the past has now become the "happiness road".

Wang Weiwei opened a small supermarket in the street of Babang Township. He has a double-row truck to carry goods. He has been in business for more than 6 years and has run hundreds of times on Tongxiang Road in Babang Township. "In the past, the road was bad, and it cost money and time to lose money. It took half a day to run a 27-kilometer road, and it cost 180 yuan to burn the fuel. It took three or four hours. One trip was exhausted and the car couldn't stand it." Speaking of the past "dirt road", he shook his head.

"Now it takes only half an hour for this 27-kilometer road, and gas money is reduced by a large part." Wang Weiwei said that the road is good, the freight is reduced, the price of the goods sold is also lower, but the profit is higher, and the benefits brought by the change in traffic are half a day. Endless.

"In the past, the road was bad. I did n’t have a lot of cars. I walked all the way to the highway. My feet were covered with blisters. Now I ’m fine. Everyone has motorcycles. I ’ve bought vans, minivans, and It ’s easy to get out of the mountains and into the mountains. ”The villager of Bawu Village, Baba Village, boarded the car and whistled comfortably to enjoy the convenience brought by traffic.

Shilangbaum, a villager in Baika Village, Babang Country, had acute appendicitis a few years ago. Because of the inconvenience of transportation, the time was delayed, and he almost lost his life halfway. Looking back, she groaned. "Fortunately, I'm dead, otherwise I'm dead. But now it's fine, there are many roads and cars, and it's easy to go to the county to see a doctor."

"Now the road is open, everything is changing: sending children to school is becoming easier, the elderly are more convenient to go to the doctor, buying and selling things and riding motorcycles, yak stalls have increased, and Murakami vegetable demonstration bases have also been built. After the highway, we became rich There will be a rush. "Nima, a cadre of Amula Village, Babang Township, Dege County, said excitedly about the status quo.

Nizhu Village of Baidai Township is an overall relocation village for immigrants. When you walk into the village, you can see that the small houses are neat and beautiful, and a village road is wrapped around the jade belt. The 60-year-old villager of the Dewu group in the village, Zhan Malatso, stood in front of his small villa of five bedrooms, one kitchen and one bathroom, comfortably basking in the sun. She told reporters: "I used to live on the upper half of the mountain. There was no road. I walked up and down the path. It took three hours to go up and down. Now I moved to the bottom of the mountain. An oil road was built in the village. Where should I go? Let's take a motorcycle and leave. "

In the village of Bawu in the village of Babang, 6 sheds are lined up in a row, which is extraordinary. Xue Yuefei from Jilin City was busy in the greenhouse. He told reporters: "This greenhouse is built by Chengdu Funlin Company using 'Company + Cooperatives + Farmers'. The greenhouse has one kind of oyster mushroom, four kinds of fungus, and one for drying fungus. It is planned to grow 3000 bags of oyster mushroom and 5000 The fungus fungus sticks are recycled for five years at a time, which can increase the income of the village professional cooperatives by 70,000 yuan each year, and at the same time drive the villagers of Sedi Village and Xiabawu Village to increase 300,000 yuan. At the same time, the company is also building a large refrigerated base here. The acquisition of Gardeniae has brought 400,000 yuan to the villagers and 28,000 yuan to the village collective. "

Dorji Zeren, the secretary of Sedi Village Branch said, "When the road is not repaired, we are asking others to not come in. Now companies and enterprises are taking the initiative to come. These are the benefits brought by the road."

Over the past four years, Dege County has implemented a transportation-first strategy. It has invested a total of 1.217 billion yuan to complete 268 kilometers of Tongxiang Oil Road and 1037.6 kilometers of Tongcun Hardening Road, benefiting more than 90,000 cadres and people in 171 administrative villages in 26 towns and towns throughout the county. In 2018, it invested 425 million yuan to build 135 kilometers of tourist roads and industrial roads, and newly constructed 234 kilometers of rural roads. Adhere to the integration of road transportation and synchronous development, open 1 urban bus line, 2 rural passenger lines in the county, 1 inter-country passenger class line, 1 inter-provincial passenger class line, 1 airport dedicated line, and build a village-level greeting station ( There are 104 passenger terminals in townships and 9 in townships. The investment in the construction of county passenger stations is 7.8 million yuan. Focusing on a modest advance, we will accelerate the formation of an infrastructure network for urban and rural interconnection, integration and development. Continue to promote the fourth round of "Gan Push", carry out the "Transportation Contest" and accelerate the improvement of the comprehensive transportation network. Achieved the goal of completion and navigation of Ganzigesar Airport and the opening of Haizishan Tunnel; commenced the construction of the G215 Line Shiqu Luosu to Degekouluo Section and Onan Branch, S458 Dege Section, and the “Suochang Bridge” project along the Yalong River, investment 86 million yuan, completed the construction of tourist road from Rijiong Village to Amula Village in Yueba Township.

From sheep intestine trails to gravel roads, to Tongxiang oil road and cement road, not only the shape of the road has changed, but more importantly, Lutong brought a ripple effect of Belden. With the continuous extension of Tongxiang and Tongcun highways, many farmers and herdsmen have changed the situation of leaving homes in the past, and they have gone out and found their way, some have learned practical planting and breeding techniques, and some have worked outside to earn money. Some do business, some run transportation. Many farmers and herdsmen built buildings, bought furniture, household appliances, and bought motorcycles, agricultural vehicles, and even cars. The highway is smooth, tourists flock, the industry is flourishing, and all the people are happy. The wide and flat asphalt roads and cement roads are like flying “Hada”, which spread out in Dege, and become a connection between cities, rural areas, The unique scenery of the scenic spot and the scenic spot makes the intimidating nature turn into a veritable thoroughfare.

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