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Forging a mighty police soul with life

Ganzi Daily January 9, 2020

Wang Zhigang, deputy political commissar of the former Shiqu County Public Security Bureau

  ◎ Ma Jianhua

"Wang Zhigang has left us for more than two years. On the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China, the Provincial Party Committee and the Provincial Government wrote him a first-class merit civil servant. This is the best memorial for him, and it gives us great comfort and encouragement. I Let his son inherit his legacy, learn his skills, and serve the people better. "On December 8, 2019, Bai Ma, the wife of Wang Zhigang, who was a deputy political commissar of the Shiqu County Public Security Bureau, told reporters by phone that Wang Zhigang had died because of public office. Later, the family felt extremely distressed. The party and government gave Wang Zhigang many honors. Wang Zhigang will rest in peace under Jiuquan. This is also the honor of our family and we will cherish it.

"It is learned that Wang Zhigang's political commissar has been remembered by the Provincial Party Committee and the Provincial Government as a first-class civil servant. All of our police officers are very proud. Wang Zhigang has been protecting his life for more than 20 years, giving the grassland life like sunlight. He has used his life to protect the peace of the grassland until the last moment. . Loyal to the party and serving the people. The people ’s police love the people. This is not just a slogan, but Wang Zhigang ’s daily life. With such a belief, he dares to fight desperately for the peace of the grassland and is happy to work hard for the harmony of the pasture. We must Use the motto of "Hypoxia and lack of faith, lack of oxygen and passion, hardship without fear of suffering" to fulfill the vow of "loyalty to the party, service to the people, fair law enforcement and strict discipline." Shiqu County Public Security Bureau Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and Political Commissar Dunqing stated that he will use Wang Zhigang as a benchmark and will work hard for the peace of the grassland and will be happy to work hard for the harmony of the pasture.

It ’s a big deal for ordinary people.

The hero didn't go far. On the afternoon of November 20, 2019, Shiqu County's "Don't forget the original heart, remember the mission" theme education advanced deeds report meeting was held at the Shiqu County Youth Activity Center. Dunqing led the county public security bureau's auxiliary police to participate in the report. .

At the report, the policeman of the County Public Security Bureau Ramsey and the reporter of the County Culture Broadcasting and Tourism Bureau supported Qing Qingcuo with affectionately telling the story of Wang Zhigang, the deputy political commissar of the original Shiqu County Public Security Bureau and the second-class hero model of the national public security system.

In the early morning of October 6, 2017, after working for several days in a row, Wang Zhigang resumed the work of escort for the 11th Golden Week, which is the sixth day of his front line. The police of the Shiqu County Public Security Bureau Ramsey said that the previous days of high-intensity work had made Wang Zhigang feel physically and mentally exhausted and physically weak. For a dispute in the town, it was decided to go to the mediation in person.

After arriving in Sexu Town, Wang Zhigang started mediation work with the local party committee government and village and village committee cadres without taking a break.

Unconsciously, the time has arrived at 3 pm. Wang Zhigang, who has not eaten lunch, feels that his physical strength has fallen seriously. He simply took a bowl of instant noodles and continued to adjust after a short rest.

Looking at the poor Wang Zhigang, the police next to him tried to dissuade him from taking a rest, but he took it seriously and resumed his work.

As soon as the police turned around, Wang Zhigang's voice suddenly fell to the ground. The police realized that the situation was wrong and quickly took him to the car and took him to the hospital. After the doctor's full rescue, Wang Zhigang's life was still not saved. At about 19:00 on October 6, Wang Zhigang was unfortunately killed because of work and was only 47 years old.

"One meter and eight meters tall, strong and strong, I often talked and laughed with us, why did I suddenly leave us." Telling about the past of Wang Zhigang's work at the Shiqu County Public Security Bureau, his colleagues are extremely sad.

"It was Wang Zhigang who put me on the right track. He is a good person." When speaking of Wang Zhigang, the herdsman of Cayi Township booed endlessly.

When Tu was 30 years old, there was no fixed source of income, because the thief usually made a bad impression on the villagers. "His uncle's house lost a yak, and Tumou also happened to kill a cow in the past few days. Everyone naturally linked the two things together." Facing the accusations of his uncle and the villagers, Tumou couldn't argue, but only He repeatedly waved his hands and said that the yak was definitely not stolen by himself.

The two sides were deadlocked and found Wang Zhigang, who was then the director of the Western District Police Station. Faced with a lot of evidence against Tu, Wang Zhigang insisted on investigating it himself. "Everyone said that there was no need to investigate, it must be Tu, but Director Wang said that he must confirm it for himself." At the junction of Sichuan and Qinghai, Wang Zhigang found a piece of leather, which coincided with the yak lost by Uncle Tu. .

After removing the suspect of theft for Tu, Wang Zhigang had another long talk with him. Since then, the villagers have witnessed the change of Tu. "No more stealing, no more entering the police station for anything, and now I have married and become a family."

Liu Haide, a Qinghai native who once opened a restaurant in Shiqu County, praised Wang Zhigang as his benefactor. Ten years ago, Liu Haide collected his account from his hometown in Qinghai to Shiqu, but did not expect that the account was not received. He had little money left, and he could not even collect the cost of the return trip. He found a job in town, but it didn't take long for the employer's home to have an accident.

Wang Zhigang, then the director of the local police station, was in charge of handling his employer's affairs. "You live in the police station first, and then find a job." After learning about Liu Haide's situation, Wang Zhigang offered to help him solve the problem of housing and housing, and often gave him pocket money during the period. "It can't always be like this, I still have to go to work." After learning about Liu Haide's idea, Wang Zhigang was very supportive and suggested that he stay in Shiqu and open a restaurant.

"I don't have any money." Seeing Liu Haide's concerns, Wang Zhigang not only gave him 2,000 yuan as the starting capital, but also actively helped him find a store.

With the help of Wang Zhigang, Liu Haide's noodle shop opened, and it opened for 9 years. For the past two years, Wang Zhigang patronized almost every day, inquiring about the business situation, and sometimes helping him. Later, Liu Haide contracted a small market for three years and did not return to Qinghai until 2017.

The eternal monument on the Zahika grassland

Yang Feng and Ma Longxiang are apprentices brought by Wang Zhigang in the Interpol Brigade.

"Handling a case must have a broad mass base, and I must take you through Tibet." Yang Feng said, this is Wang Zhigang's first lesson for them. Due to the complicated geographical environment of Shiqu, many people flee to neighboring Qinghai and Tibet after committing the crime. Solving cases across provinces is a common occurrence in their work.

Ma Longxiang clearly remembered that once Wang Zhigang took him on a business trip to Qinghai and drove through the deserted grass dam. Seeing that it was going to be dark, Ma Longxiang became more and more panicked. "Brother, don't be afraid, I'm here, I'll drive." It seems that he saw his anxiety, and Wang Zhigang took the steering wheel. After hundreds of round trips, the grassland covered by snow has formed a clear line in Wang Zhigang's heart. The car moved steadily in one direction, and Ma Longxiang's heart gradually reached the bottom.

At work, learning Tibetan, familiarizing with mountain roads, and knowing herders, Wang Zhigang has strict requirements on the two apprentices. In life, Wang Zhigang gave them more care.

"Because we are from a foreign country, Brother A often called us to eat at his house and said that his house needs to be more spacious." At that time, Wang Zhigang was not well paid and had to bear the expenses of the entire family. After three times, the family didn't buy a new furniture, but always paid for the brothers to improve their meals. "He always said that the criminal police worked hard. Everyone got together to have a meal. As for the money, he was the elder brother, and he came to bear it."

As early as 20 years ago, when Wang Zhigang came to work in Changsha Gongma, he knew the local herdsman Duoyi. "At that time, Wang Zhigang's salary was more than 500 a month. When people needed help, he took out 100 and 200 at once." Duoyi picked up the butter tea in his hand, and in the heat that erupted, he fell into the memory.

Since then, Duoyi has identified this strong blackwater brother. He will communicate with Wang Zhigang about everything that happened, and Wang Zhigang also trusts him very much, and the two gradually become a good partner to solve the case.

In 2007, 25 cattle were stolen from Gongma in Changsha. The 万人炸金花 spread widely among local herdsmen. Duoyi reported the situation to Wang Zhigang as soon as possible. Wang Zhigang took him with him and rode the horse across the eastern grassland. Finally, he found 25 cattle in Qinghai. "As long as there is a case, he has to go, and 30 to 40 degrees below zero, he has to go; if he ca n’t drive, he will ride a motorcycle. If he ca n’t reach the motorcycle, he will also ride.

During his lifetime, Wang Zhigang has been rated as "Advanced Individual in Criminal Investigation", "Advanced Individual in Gun Detection and Explosion", "Advanced Individual in Pursuit and Evasion", and has been rated as "Excellent County-level Civil Servant" for three consecutive years. Work "three times. After his death in public office, in November 2017, he was awarded the title of "Excellent Communist Party Member" by the Organization Department of the Ganzi Prefecture Party Committee of the Communist Party of China; on November 24, 2018, he was awarded the title of "Second Hero Model" by the Ministry of Public Security.

"For more than 20 years, Wang Zhigang has a loyal loyalty to the party and a passionate love for the people. With this love for the police profession, he insists on staying in the 'Forbidden Zone of Life' with no regrets and guards the Zakika prairie with loyalty 100,000 herdsmen. He has fought for a long time in the front line of maintaining social stability, cracking down on crimes and serving the people. He has won the sincere trust and sincere love of the vast herdsmen and farmers with practical actions, and cast a new era with young life. The mighty police soul of the People's Police wrote a glorious and glorious eulogy on the land of Kangba. "Yuan Mingguang, secretary of the Shiqu County Party Committee, said that Wang Zhigang was first-class merit by the provincial party committee and government. Forgetting the beginning, keeping in mind the advanced model of mission-themed educational activities and learning, further inspired the people of the county to carry forward the spirit of "a lack of oxygen, lack of faith, lack of wisdom, lack of oxygen, lack of passion", and go all out to win the new era of poverty Tough battle.

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