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Step on the road to a well-off life-our state has made a precise effort to win the fight against poverty

Ganzi Daily January 13, 2020

A scene of Luhuo's new countryside. Photo by Yang Xiaokang

Litang County's turnips are sold to Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao, and are very popular with local citizens.

The relocated households in Ganzi County received the keys to the new house.

Poor households work in modern agricultural science and technology parks.

◎ Reporter Zhang Ye

Our state is not only one of 14 concentrated poverty-stricken areas in the country, but also the main battlefield for poverty alleviation in the whole province. In order to win this tough battle without a retreat, this year, our state has adhered to the guidance of Xi Jinping's new era of socialist ideas with Chinese characteristics and the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the Party, and fully implemented the central and provincial party committee's decisions to win the fight against poverty. Deployment, always taking poverty alleviation as the biggest political responsibility, the largest livelihood project, and the greatest development opportunity, adhere to the basic strategy of precision poverty alleviation, focus on the strength of strength, pool the strengths of all parties, fight the tough battles, weaving anti-return nets, successively Initiated the "Spring Offensive", "Summer Campaign", "Autumn Attack", and "Winter Sprint", and resolutely played a key role in the decisive battle against the all-round well-off, and successfully completed the annual goal of eliminating poverty and removing hats.

Time is running like a river, carrying 1.19 million Kamba children on the battlefield of poverty alleviation, standing in front of the gate of 2020.

Looking back, Ganzi stepped on the stone to leave marks and scratched the iron. Since the beginning of this year, the state has achieved a total of 7,125 households with 31,478 poor people out of poverty, accounting for 100.76% of the tasks assigned at the beginning of the year, and the incidence of poverty has dropped to 0.23%.

Looking ahead, Ganzi is confident and invincible. In 2019, our state plans to remove the cap counties have reached the exit conditions of poor counties, and it is expected that all of the cap counties in poor counties will be removed, and the fight against poverty can be characterized as repeated battles.

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News slice

Move into a poor nest, live in a new house, and have a dream. At the beginning of May 2019, the criss-crossed cement road shuttled across the new Tibetan-style houses in the centralized resettlement site of Genglong Village, Zhuqing Town, Dege County. The five-star red flags on the roofs of every house were displayed in the wind. On the cultural square with unique Tibetan characteristics, a gratitude wall made up of smiling faces of 44 relocated households with smiley faces is very spectacular.

"The government helped us to live in such a beautiful house and taught us to plant land. This year, we no longer have to worry about eating and living." Genglong Village poor household Gensong Dengji told reporters that earlier this year, the Dege County Party Committee and County Government passed The local poverty alleviation and relocation project has made 44 poor households with a file in the archives relocate from Zhalong Village with poor living environment, no electricity, no access, and no safe drinking water to Genglong Village.

"Now, not only do we live in a good house, we have built a vegetable greenhouse, but we have also planted various vegetable seeds in our courtyard. In a few months, we can eat our own vegetables." In the sun, Genmatsu Dengji smiled happily.

In Daze Township, Seda County, in August 2019, Gongbo, a poor household, also moved into a new home with the help of the local party committee and government. "I moved into such a comfortable new house without spending a penny. It was all thanks to the party committee and government for our poor households." Speaking of the current living conditions, Gongbo's sense of happiness sprang up.

Open the account book of the Gongbo family: In 2018, it was included in the medical assistance list and enjoyed one-time high-altitude subsidies, grass supplements, forest supplements, non-profit forest subsidies, and food supplements, as well as financial subsidies for the benefit of the people, as well as dibao and collective small credit loans Dividends ... These policy incomes are more than 10,000 yuan.

On January 5 this year, the first snow of the new year covered the silver plains of Qudeng Township, Litang County at an altitude of 4,500 meters. Although the cold is tempting, the villagers' hardware list is really warm. "Fourteen years ago, I still lived in a tent. Where did the cattle and sheep go, and where did the township government and our home move to? My rheumatism came at that time. We never even thought about one day I would live in a building and live a settled life like people in the city. ”Sitting around the hot stove, drinking hot butter tea, while watching the snow rising outside the window, the hardware list was really emotional.

In recent years, our state has comprehensively implemented the solution of "two cares and three guarantees". Herdsmen nomads on the grasslands have bid farewell to the cattle hair tents, lived in new buildings, and started a new life.

Compared with the helpless life in the past, Qudeng Township now has full access to water, electricity, roads, radio and television, and communications. Village activity rooms, health rooms, and kindergarten supermarkets are all available. Nomads have moved from "shady and humid" tents to From "counting the stars" to "watching TV" in the night, the "bright and warm" settlement room will also use electric tea makers, washing machines, refrigerators, and bathrooms and toilets at home, realizing a step across the millennium. "This day is almost the same as the people in the city. We can live this kind of life. We thank the party and the government for the sake of our hearts. In the days to come, we have to work hard to make the days go better." Hardware list really said .

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News slice

To get rid of poverty, we must rely on getting rich. Relying on industrial employment to help the poor, the well-being dream of the farmers and herdsmen across the state is now turning into reality. Since 2019, our state has focused on special poverty alleviation work. Focusing on the path of industrial employment as a stable income-increasing path, we will continue to consolidate the foundation for development and strengthen the development potential of poor villages and poor people.

On April 13, 2019, when the reporter walked into the Zhongzhak Modern Agricultural Park in Dege County, they saw that the sheds were neatly arranged, as if they were camp tents. Entering the greenhouse, the neat rows of tomato trees have blossomed, and the garden is full of vitality singing spring songs.

"Zhongzhako Modern Agriculture Park is one of the three major parks along the Yalong River, which is a hundred kilometers planting and combining organic farming area of 10,000 acres. At present, the county has built 1,425 acres of Zhongzhako Agricultural Park and 802 acres of ancient agriculture Park, 936 acres of Wentuo agricultural park, forming a core area of 3164 acres, radiation area of nearly 10,000 acres, benefited area of more than 38,000 acres. "Su Guangkui, deputy director of Dege County Agriculture, Animal Husbandry and Science and Technology Bureau provided a bright data for reporters . The dazzling data set constitutes a vast "industrial map" covering 30 villages in 4 townships in Wentiao area, benefiting 2917 households and 13,551 people, of which 705 poor households and 3283 people have set up files.

"The issues that our village wants to develop, what projects we can develop, how to develop them, etc. are the township party committee and the government to investigate and discuss with all villagers." In May 2019, the reporter interviewed in Shiqu County. Laji Zeren, secretary of the Xuxiang Party Committee, told reporters, "Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, the concept of ecological construction has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, and the masses have profoundly realized that" green mountains and green mountains are the golden mountains and silver mountains. " It is found that the existing ecological conditions and resource endowments in our township are suitable for the development of the rhubarb planting industry, and to increase the income of rich people on the premise of ecological protection. "

After the villagers unanimously agreed, the township adopted the industrial method of “enterprise + cooperatives + branch + farmers and herdsmen” and attracted more than 28 million yuan in investment to establish Shiqu County Qingzang Guyuan Agriculture and Animal Husbandry Ecological Technology Co., Ltd., which planted more than 10,000 mu of rhubarb last year The villagers alone achieved an income increase of 124,500 yuan in labor income alone, and at the same time solved the problem of labor employment for the poor households in the village who have targeted poverty alleviation.

On April 16, 2019, in a vegetable greenhouse in Jiangda Village, Xuri County, Seda County, Ye Mei, a villager in Jiangda Village, picked cucumbers neatly. The skilled picking technology allowed her to earn more than 100 yuan a day. "Now, a vegetable greenhouse is built in the village. After the transfer of her land, Jinshi Company gave her 700 yuan per mu and nearly 14 yuan for 14 mu; she worked in a vegetable base and earned an annual income of 25,000 yuan; her family is still Seda County's vegetable business earns 60,000 yuan a year, and our lives have been surpassed. "Since the success of poverty alleviation, Ye Mei's face has always been filled with a happy smile.

Extended report

Spring and autumn, the drumming of the fight against poverty, and the effectiveness of industrial poverty alleviation. The small saplings of the past grew into "money-making trees", the former industrial belt became a "treasure bowl", and the old small villages became "net celebrities." More and more poor people rely on industry to swell their pockets and get rid of the "poor." Hat "and set off on a well-off road.

According to statistics, since this year, the state has newly rebuilt 214,400 mu of modern agricultural industrial bases in poverty-stricken villages, and newly built 42 agricultural science and technology demonstration bases; newly rebuilt 40 tourist toilets, and carried out 117 tourism training sessions for 1,032 person-times; Chinese and Tibetan medicinal materials planting 8.92 With an area of 10,000 acres, 230 enterprises from poverty-stricken households were driven by industrial enterprises; 21 science and technology poverty alleviation projects were implemented, 21 science and technology poverty alleviation industry demonstration bases were built, and demonstrations led 47 poor villages. 250 new villages for poverty alleviation were completed; 536.62 kilometers of rural roads were newly rebuilt; 881.92 meters of critical bridges were rectified; 229 poor villages and 207 non-poor villages were upgraded with safe drinking water; 49 rural power grid upgrading and upgrading projects and 251 poor were completed Village optical fiber construction.

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News slice

In April, the world is full of fragrant and fragrant flowers, and it's time to enjoy the flowers. On April 29, 2019, in the "Happy Peach Garden" of Jinjiba Village and Kitao Village, Kitao Township, Luding County, peach blossoms are blooming, and the lively terraces are like a sea of flowers. Taking advantage of the gentle spring breeze and bathing in the warm sunshine, countless tourists came here, making the village of Puxi an especially lively place.

Liu Dailun, who started planting peaches in 1988, is the "Peach King" of Jisong Township. He planted 12 acres of peach orchards with an output of 5,000 kilograms per mu and an annual income of more than 200,000 yuan. "In the past, there were only one peach variety, and peaches had to be sold in the county, but they couldn't sell for a good price. In the past year, the Jiuxiang Township has been innovatively upgraded and the peach varieties have been optimized to seven varieties. Rural tourism has developed, and peach prices have also risen. The peaches were sold out at the door, something I had never dreamed of before. "

The happiness of "Happy Taoyuan" doesn't stop at simply selling peaches. The "Derivative Industry Chain" is particularly rich. At noon on April 13, 2019, a lot of vehicles with Sichuan V, Sichuan T, and Sichuan A license plates were parked in front of the gate of Banbanqiao Farm House in Kitsuga Township. The sights of Mentingruo were staged here.

This farmhouse, founded in 2011, has experienced many twists and turns, and has ushered in today's good day. "Everything is difficult at the beginning. To be honest, it was difficult at the beginning, but after 7 years of development, especially in recent years, Luding County Party Committee and County Government have led us to innovate and upgrade the farmhouse. Our road to prosperity is getting better and better." In 2018, Banbanqiao Family Farmhouse's operating income reached 600,000 yuan. "Looking at this trend, income may increase this year." Deng Anmei was confident.

In August 2019, the reporter walked into the Gesar King City of Ganzi County, the Senzhu Dazzi Palace, the 30-member general's village, and the Gesar Cultural Experience Zone, which are all beautiful buildings, showing the world's deepest Gesar. Seoul culture. After more than two years of construction, the King Gesar City was put into operation in synchronization with the Ganzi Gesar Airport in September 2019.

King Gesar City with a total investment of 630 million yuan and a total area of 1,455 acres is a "enclave" collective economic entity in the poor villages of Ganzi County. The poor villages are funded with poverty alleviation project funds. After completion, the people in the pastoral area of Ganzi can directly take food such as water scouring, handicrafts such as Tibetan carpets, and plateau "mountain treasures" such as matsutake directly to Wangcheng for market transactions.

Beginning in September 2019, the poor villages that have invested in will receive tens of thousands of yuan in rental income each year. "Selling local souvenirs in King Gesar will not only increase income, but also realize employment and obtain dividends." For the road to becoming rich in the future, Luorong, a poor villager in Yeha Village, Seo Township, Ganzi County, is full of confidence.

Extended report

The Gesar City Project is a microcosm of the state's continuous innovation and upgrading of poverty alleviation work. To achieve more innovation and upgrading of poverty alleviation work can not be achieved without the continuous stimulation of endogenous motivation. To this end, our state adheres to the combination of poverty alleviation and wisdom and moral support, and carries out the theme education of "feeling the party's gratitude, loving the motherland, abiding by the law, and promoting a well-off society". The people's awareness of listening to the party and walking with the party has been further enhanced. In the implementation of the "Run Education Project", we will promote the typical model of poverty alleviation, set an example for poverty alleviation, and become an expert in getting rich, and mobilize the enthusiasm of the poor to raise poverty and increase their income. According to statistics, since this year, the whole state has carried out more than 3,000 mass publicity and education activities such as the "I and My Motherland" theme flash, more than 9,000 "seven advance activities" of socialist core values, "promoting customs and customs, and establishing a new civilization." More than 2,000 themed activities, more than 1900 culturally beneficial activities such as "cultural advancement to ten thousand families", poverty alleviation, literary and art travel, and "going to the countryside", the number and type of activities increased significantly, and the participation and recognition of the people increased significantly . At the same time, relying on 2679 peasant evening schools, farmers and herdsmen have been taught Chinese, culture, law, policy, and skills, and 2.7535 million farmers and herdsmen have been trained.

"At present, the endogenous motivation of the majority of farmers and herdsmen in our state is getting stronger and stronger, and the urban and rural environment in our state is getting better and better." According to the relevant person in charge of the State Poverty Alleviation and Development Bureau, at present, we have built more than 700 beautiful and livable rural villages that reach the standard. To create more than 280 "civilized cells" such as civilized villages and towns, selected more than 3,000 "five-star civilized households", and improved the number of villagers to about 1,700. The phenomenon of "dirty, chaotic, and poor" has improved markedly, and the agricultural and pastoral areas have a new civilization.

With the continuous deepening and innovation of poverty alleviation work, a good situation of improving the infrastructure, improving public services, thriving industrial development, and harmonious and stable society is taking shape across the state. The majority of farmers and herdsmen are delighted.

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