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Let the rule of law warm the heart and take the heart even more——Daofu County's strategy to promote the rule of law

Ganzi Daily January 12, 2020

Create the national autonomy and progress demonstration county "signature of ten thousand people" activity site.

On-site tutoring students to learn the method.

The opening ceremony of the Amba Festival.

Gesar's Tibetan opera performance.

Mobile tent court trial scene.

Promotion of the rule of law into campus.

◎ Chen Lianwen / Picture

Overcoming poverty, the poor have taken off their "poor hats", and happy Dafu has a smile on the face; urban and rural upgrading has allowed farmers and herdsmen to live in good houses, and the beautiful Dafu is picturesque; transportation is ahead, and the remote pastoral areas are closed. Tibetan villages are no longer far away, and ecological Daofu tourists are easily accessible; governing the county according to law has enhanced the awareness of the rule of law among peasants and herdsmen, and harmonious Dafu beauty has been built in Anba; Up, Xiao Kang Daofu speed overweight.

In recent years, the county has unswervingly promoted the rule of law, upholding the banner of fairness and justice in the rule of law, seized the "key minority", implemented the system of learning and using law, and held 30 lectures of various types; focusing on cultivating people who understand the law and continuously deepening the rule of law in rural areas Construction, 80 legal consultants rely on 158 legal positions to carry out more than 600 publicity of the rule of law, answer more than 200 person-times of various legal consultations, 26 vice-principles of the rule of law entered the school to carry out more than 180 lectures, covering more than 15,000 teachers and students. Vigorously launched a special campaign of "anti-crime and anti-evil", severely cracked down on crimes involving crimes involving blacks and evils, vigorously rectified social chaos and prominent problems, investigated and dealt with 8 crimes involving blacks and evils according to law, and cracked 83 criminal cases. There are 92 types of contradictions and disputes, and the sense of happiness and security of the people is constantly enhanced. Safe Daofu, rule of law, and harmonious Daofu are stable and far-reaching.

New method and new style

"This is my third visit to Daofu, and the rule of law square created by the county seat is very eye-catching. I have been to many places, and few cities have been built in the center of the city. Good intentions in the work of governing the county. "On January 5th, Lin Fangyi, a backpacker from Guangdong, strolled around the Rule of Law Square in Daofu County, and saw the easily understandable display window and signboard of legal knowledge, with great emotion.

Every evening in the evening, Daofu citizens who had dinner met at the Rule of Law Square, jumping up the cheerful Guozhuang, where the legal knowledge of the people's production and life was concise, understandable and easy to remember. "How to fight the lawsuit? What should I do in case of contradictions and disputes? What are the manifestations of the evil forces? ... you can find the answer in the publicity column of the Rule of Law Square." Tu Deng, who lives from the son of Xiede Township to the county seat, is in front of the publicity column. Stop to read the relevant legal knowledge. He thoughtfully told reporters that in-depth implementation of the strategy of governing the county according to law, social order is better, fewer fights have occurred, and conflicts have occurred between the neighbors. People's mediators have been used to mediate through various forms. Everyone in the publicity of the law has "understand the law". The county has further promoted poverty alleviation, transportation advancement, urban and rural advancement, industrial enrichment, and ecological civilization construction, so that the people can live a good life. We must protect the law and order environment and protect the law and discipline as good citizens. .

In May last year, Daofu County ushered in the annual "Cordyceps Season". A large number of people gathered on the mountain. In order to achieve "harmonious mining", the political and legal departments together with cadres and staff at all levels sent the law to Cordyceps Mountain. "Digging Cordyceps can make a lot of money, and cadres are not afraid of suffering and tiredness. Wherever we go, they follow them. No matter how busy we are, we also need to take the time to listen carefully and know what to do if we encounter a problem." As more and more people came to hear the 万人炸金花, they sat on the floor and wanted to hear what they were talking about. "You must calm down when you encounter contradictions and disputes. You cannot solve the problem by relying on your fists. Doing things according to the law, finding solutions when you encounter problems, resolving contradiction usage, and relying on the law to solve problems are the hard truths summarized by everyone's practice. Let me give you a few examples. ... "The speaker was Xue Bo, deputy director of the People's Court of Daofu County. He used strong legal knowledge and rich experience in propagating the rule of law. In the explanation of typical cases, it was lively and interesting, which inspired the masses' interest, and the scene of the lecture sounded. Applause.

"A small quarrel, if not handled well, may lead to a murder case, the perpetrators will be sentenced, and endless grief will be brought to the families of the deceased, which will ruin two or more families at once, such a lesson It ’s not worth it. ”After listening to the preaching, villager Tashi said with deep feeling that the regular publicity and education activities of Daofu County are like a“ timely rain ”, so that the villagers understand the importance of observing laws and regulations.

In recent years, Daofu County has strengthened its education leadership and created a multi-dimensional and "big law" pattern through "3 + 7" integration to further consolidate the effectiveness of governance according to law. Create three boutique positions, successfully establish the rule of law culture square as a "provincial rule of law demonstration base", invest in the construction of a national rule of 350 along the national highway 350 from the township to Mazi township, a rule of law cultural road with a total length of 40 kilometers, and strive to build the first modernization in the state The juvenile rule of law education base forms a trinity law promotion position of “one road, one place, one square” in the county, and promotes the construction of the rule of law culture in the county at a higher level and in a deeper sense. Sing the "Seven Entrepreneurs of Law", and take "country counterpart law firms, Tibetan-Chinese bilingual law publicity missions, political and legal departments, key units" as the main body of law popularization, comprehensive and uninterrupted penetration into the townships, temples, institutions, schools, schools, Enterprises and other places carried out more than 200 "seven-entry" activities, distributed more than 30,000 publicity materials, more than 20,000 bilingual books, and covered more than 69,000 person-times of farmers, herdsmen, and monks and nuns in temples. Combined with activities such as poverty alleviation, pairing and recognition of relatives, with more than 1,800 grass-roots publicity lecturers, grid members, and mass prevention and mass governance as the "radiation point", a wide range of household preaching was carried out. Through a series of measures, it was continuously strengthened. The concept of the rule of law among the masses has further strengthened the good order of rule of law in handling affairs in accordance with the law, finding the law in case of problems, resolving problem usage, and resolving contradictions and relying on the law.

Govern by law and majesty by legislation

"A clear political attitude, strict adherence to disciplinary rules, compliance with laws and regulations, clear lines of principle, and keeping the bottom line of conduct." In recent years, each of the townships in Dafu County has classified "prohibition rules for rural cadres" to allow cadres to take the lead in complying with the law, while focusing on the role of ordinary people in the construction of the rule of law. Relying on the law and art propaganda team, conflict resolution team, emergency service team, farming and animal husbandry skills training team, and environmental sanitation cleaning team, the township has carried out various forms of rule of law publicity activities in rural areas, schools, and farmers and herdsmen's homes to achieve the rule of law publicity. Full coverage. Relying on the "first lesson of the school" activity every semester, it provides courses on the rule of law, organizes quizzes on legal knowledge, mock courts and other activities to publicize the rule of law to students and parents, and guides students and parents to promote the rule of law to their loved ones.

"When I was digging Cordyceps, I always forced my child to go uphill to dig Cordyceps. After listening to the rule of law, I understood that 'the best Cordyceps is in the classroom', and it is illegal to prevent children from going to school." Zhuoma's mother told reporters, Now, there is no student loss in the township during the Cordyceps season.

"While we vigorously carried out the preaching of the rule of law, we focused on cracking down on a number of illegal activities such as unauthorized construction, deforestation, cattle and horse stealing, and illegal work obstruction; we conducted disciplinary education for those who had minor violations of laws and regulations; The results of the investigation and punishment of typical cases of cracking down on illegal logging and construction in accordance with law have established the majesty of the rule of law. "The leaders of the Kaxiang Party committees told reporters.

Daofu County Party Committee and County Government have held more than 20 county-level conferences, interpreting the significance of normalizing governance according to law from multiple perspectives such as maintaining stability, developing economics, and social governance, comprehensively improving the ideological understanding of party and government officials at all levels and stimulating the establishment of Motivation for governing model counties in accordance with law. Established mechanisms for reversal of mission objectives, monthly inspection reports, and interviews with the secretary for accountability; set up a special joint supervision group to regularly and irregularly supervise the progress of work at all levels and departments, and not implement the rectification in a timely manner. The county party secretary interviewed the principals; adhered to the party and government responsibility, one post and two responsibilities, and accountability for dereliction of duty, improved the "who is in charge and who is in charge" system, implemented the unit's "top leader" responsibility system, and incorporated governance according to law into the target In the assessment, the main person in charge of the unit signed a letter of commitment to the county party committee and county government, and the responsibility was forced to be implemented.

Make full use of the "Bilingual Litigation" facilitator mechanism, train facilitators in 17 towns and 108 administrative villages in the county, comprehensively improve the level of legal knowledge and business capabilities, and effectively control and handle conflicts and disputes before and outside the lawsuit. The contradiction is contained in its infancy, and the consciousness of "finding a litigation guide when encountering a dispute" has been deeply rooted. Actively build a multi-dimensional conflict and dispute resolution system at the county, township (town), and village levels, standardize the identification signs of mediation organizations at all levels and publicize various systems on the wall, build various mediation organization window settings, and provide full-time and part-time people's mediators. In recent years, more than 700 contradictions and disputes have been investigated and resolved, and more than 32 million yuan have been recovered.

Deepen grid service management, complete grid division and build grid service management platform, 100% realized grid service management workstations in urban areas and grid management sub-centers in key townships; formulated grid service management assessment methods , Job responsibilities and work procedures; all functional departments have access to the grid service management information system; 158 918-person "red sleeves" teams have been established in 158 administrative villages in 22 towns and towns throughout the county; the establishment of grassroots people's mediation committees has been standardized 184, involving traffic accident damage compensation, doctor-patient disputes, consumer disputes, labor disputes, etc., selected 580 grass-roots people's mediators, with a coverage rate of 100%; completed 18 functional departments and 22 townships' "large mediation" information management system For platform construction, the registration rate of the mobile app for the mediators at the grassroots level is over 90%.

In accordance with the principle of "batting a batch, educating a batch, and deterring a batch", 15 special theories of rule of law education were conducted for all kinds of social chaos and related violations of laws and disciplines, and a total of 1210 people were instructed. Since 2016, the overall social situation has been stable and improving for four consecutive years, and has won the honorary titles of the province's "Three None" counties, advanced counties in Tibetan work in the province, and demonstration counties of ethnic unity and progress in the province.

Liang Jian sweeps the black heavy fist to eliminate evil

On December 31, 2017, Zha Mou, the secretary of the village branch of Panlong Village, Yazhuo Town, Daofu County, was shot dead. The social impact is extremely bad. After a long and arduous investigation, at 6 am on June 27, 2019, the police of the state and county task force surrounded the suspect in a hidden house, and repeatedly yelled and advised. The two sides remained deadlocked for 2 hours. Suddenly, the suspect rushed out of the house with a gun and fired at the police to refuse arrest. The police decisively killed the suspect on the spot when the warning shot was invalid, and he received a "five-six type" semi-automatic rifle and 23 bullets on the spot. .

Daofu County Party Committee and County Government organically combined the special campaigns for combating evils and combating evils, tackling specific problems, renovating social and disorderly grassroots organizations, rectifying weak grass-roots organizations, and rehabilitating traffic disturbances, and vigorously promoted the special campaigns for combating evils and evils. The county party committee, county government executive committee, and joint work meeting have been held 25 times in order to study the special work of anti-crime and anti-evil activities. The county anti-evil office has organized various townships and departments to make thorough arrangements and in-depth efforts on the special anti-evil and anti-evil struggles. Negotiating, scientific and vigorously promote the anti-crime and anti-evil work in the county.

Adhere to the preaching of the rule of law as a carrier to achieve full coverage and full preaching. More than 12,790 copies of the "Notice on In-depth Development of the Special Campaign to Combat Malaria and Evil" and the "Incentive Measures for Reporting and Clues to Eliminate Malicious and Evil in Daofu County" are posted in crowded places such as squares, hotels, stations and major traffic intersections throughout the county. 9. Produced 9 large-scale propaganda boards and played over 1,680 times on the large LED screen, and used TV, Weibo, WeChat and other carriers for more than 350 times of publicity; organized preaching missions to carry out 125 preaching activities in various townships and towns, distributed more than 2,500 copies of the rule of law preaching materials, and publicity. There are more than 34,000 copies of information and more than 65,000 people have been guided by education.

Since 2018, 137 effective clues have been sorted out, and the masses have reported 4. There are 72 clues for law and order and administrative cases, 46 clues for general criminal cases; one against one umbrella, three from "village hegemony"; and 11 from 11 cases of violation of laws and disciplines.

Eleven cases of public security were investigated and dealt with in accordance with the law, and 16 people were detained in public order; 158 firearms, 4843 rounds of ammunition, 32 kilograms of explosives, 21 detonators, and 60 meters of fuses were seized; 42 control knives were seized, 21 gambling machines were destroyed, and blocked 53 motor vehicles were stolen. Held 209 students in five classes of the rule of law education class; through discipline inspection commissions, organizations, public security, transportation, land, housing, and traffic police and other departments, the soft villages and weak villages, gun violence, land disorder, random construction, traffic violations, Environmental sanitation and other efforts have been made to rectify it, and obvious results have been achieved.

Since 2018, the county has carried out traffic disorder management, centralized home registration, centralized training, and unified driving licenses for unlicensed and unlicensed vehicles. At present, 980 unlicensed motorcycles and 74 scrapped vehicles are temporarily detained for motorcycles. There were 3,151 households with 2,751 driver's licenses; 393 cases of land disorder were rectified, and 491 illegal structures such as colored steel tiles and sheds were demolished, involving an area of illegal construction of more than 31,000 square meters; houses were cleaned up during the "Three Clearances and Three Stops" operation More than 4,059 cubic meters of accumulated timber in the front room, more than 900 cubic meters of illegal timber were seized, and 13 illegal timber processing plants were closed down.


Laws and regulations rule the state, while laws and regulations rule the state. General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out, "When we attach importance to the rule of law, the rule of law is bright, and when it comes to national security and civil security; when we ignore the rule of law, when the rule of law is lax, and when the country riots and the people complain." In other words, governing according to law, administering the law, and acting according to the law is to promote the grass-roots governance system. The key to innovation and capacity building.

During the interview, Pu Yongfeng, the secretary of the county party committee, told reporters: "The era calls for the rule of law, and the people expect the rule of law. We must thoroughly implement the Fourth Plenary Session of the 19th Central Committee of the Party, the 6th Plenary Session of the 11th Provincial Party Committee, and the 8th Plenary Session of the 11th State Party Committee. The spirit of the Second Plenary Session, focusing on consolidating the grass-roots foundation of the governance system and modernization of governance capabilities, truly filling the law with humanistic care, so that the people can feel safe and happy in daily life; truly making justice synonymous with justice, allowing the people to Fairness and justice can be felt in the case; truly abiding by the law becomes the consciousness of every citizen, so that the people can feel the benefits brought by the rule of law in social activities. Only in this way can the consensus and strength of the whole society be consolidated, thereby ensuring the economy High-quality development and lasting peace in society. "

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