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Chun Hua Qiu Shi Shu Picture Scroll-written on the occasion of the 20th State Conference

Ganzi Daily January 13, 2020

◎ This reporter Li Yani

For a year, Chunhua and Qiu have been working quietly for a year, a grand event to go to the spring-the 2020 State Councils will come as scheduled. The gate of Kangding Theater will soon be opened again for this year's "rush test".

When the representatives of the State People's Congress and the CPPCC members gathered here, the "responses" they brought back were marked with more than one stunning "!"-Firmly holding the "double bottom line" of social stability and the ecological environment! Resolutely achieve the "double strengthening" of precision poverty alleviation and protection of people's livelihood! Make every effort to strengthen the "dual support" of infrastructure and industrial development!

In this "response", there are also circled "?" Exploring 2020-the goal of "building a well-off society in an all-round way" is getting closer, what will Ganzi do? In the year of the "Thirteenth Five-Year Plan", what is the quality of the transcript? A new starting point for the "70th Anniversary of the Founding of the State", how will Ganzi set off?

Chen Xi contains a few drums, and the times are the newest. At the beginning of January in Ganzi, the deputies were about to gather again. From their pace, from their vivid expressions, from their affectionate narration, and from their motion proposals, it is not difficult to see that in the past this Nian Dao Dao is a solid, walking in the forefront, courageous attitude and figure.

This is a questionnaire that belongs to the deputies, and it is also a questionnaire that belongs to you, to me, and to millions of children.

Era is a bookmaker

▶ What is Ganzi Speed

"万人炸金花town is near!" Jiang Pengcuo, member of the CPPCC National Committee, part-time deputy chairman of Dege County Federation of Industry and Commerce, and general manager of Tibet Arts and Travel Tourism and Culture Industry Co., Ltd., said that since the opening of Gesar Airport, he can clearly feel Kangbei The people of eight counties are leaping from their hearts. "Now, to Chengdu, Chongqing and other inland areas, you can easily 'fly', and it only takes about an hour to reach, which is nearly 10 hours shorter than taking a car."

The joy of descending from Pengcuo and Kangbei hinterland cadres to enjoy the "airplane bonus" is the acceleration of our state ’s high-level implementation of the transportation-first strategy, and it is also a good result of our state ’s comprehensive planning for the fourth round of the “transportation conference battle”. ——This is the common experience of the majority of deputies.

"With the construction of three high-altitude airports in Kangding City, Daocheng County and Ganzi County, Kangdong, Kangnan, and Kangbei of our state have achieved a tripartite 'machine upstream' pattern." State CPPCC member, Shiqu County Transportation Bureau Assistant Engineer Liu Weidong said deeply that he has not only personally experienced the rural and rural Tongyou Road and the Village-to-Peak Road in Kangba Tibetan Area in recent years, but also has witnessed from time to time our state to build a comprehensive comprehensive transportation hub in northwestern Sichuan. "Ganzi Speed". He said, "This year's two state conferences want to continue to promote the opening of the large aisle unswervingly, and to actively declare and yell at the national" Four Good Rural Roads "demonstration state."

Today, the preliminary selection of the location of the fourth civilian regional airport in the state has achieved initial results, and the intersecting ground transportation road network coincides with the efficient "dense weaving", and the five highways are included in the "Provincial High Network" plan. The speeding up of the construction of the cross section of the new expressway with Kangding has accelerated. The construction of the “One Tunnel and One Bridge” control project in the Ganzi section of the Sichuan-Tibet Railway is just around the corner ... Looking at the land of Ganzi, it is full of new changes, new weather, and new breakthroughs.

Seems common and the most rugged, easy but difficult. Behind many "new" words, in fact, it is inseparable from the representative members to cherish every opportunity to perform their duties, participate in politics, and benefit the people. "Shouldering the people's trust, gathering public sentiment and public opinion, and passing on the good 万人炸金花 of reform and development and the good voice of perseverance." Jianhua, the representative of the State People's Congress and the mayor of Qingde Town, Xiangcheng County, believes that the state ’s two associations are about to open, and the questionnaire of the era has been issued. Representative members need to follow the pulse of the times, draw on the wisdom of the masses, reflect the aspirations of the people, build pragmatic words, offer wise strategies, and actively explore good practices for high-quality development in Ganzi.

Even if "some people call, I respond"-how difficult is this test!

We are the respondents

▶ This is the Ganzi fever

"Chinese ethnic minority villages", "China's most beautiful rural night view", "national traditional villages", provincial "ethnic unity demonstration villages" and "four good villages", state-level "advanced party organizations" and "civilized villages and towns", city-level "Civilized Village" ... Chen Yongqiang, the representative of the State People ’s Congress and the secretary of the party branch of Selong Village, Kongyu Town, Kangding City, has shown this honor list since the construction of the Dadu River Basin Rural Revitalization Demonstration Zone. A series of measures taken to co-ordinate the resource endowment of "Guzhai villages, mountains, forests, valleys, farming and countryside", and to create a "Golden Canyon, Selongxianju" brand in Tibet. And it was written.

In the past year, his performance trajectory is inseparable from "retaining beautiful nostalgia". "Now everyone in the village can be called a tourism project operator. Everyone has tasted the sweetness and vigor of 'tourism rice'." Chen Yongqiang's confidence and confidence are derived from the unforgettable and sincere and pragmatic nature of the two committees- While committed to “continuing the rural cultural context and protecting the rural cultural ecology” for a long time, it also cultivates distinctive tourism products, builds wild luxury high-end homestay clusters, and creates smart rural beautiful night scenes ...

"The current color dragon is already a paradise that is comparable to the Hongya Cave of Chongqing and reproduces the animation scene of Spirited Away. The camp was opened only two months last year, and more than 20,000 tourists from all over the country came here to punch in." Review In 2019, Chen Yongqiang is full of expectations for 2020. He bluntly will fully grasp this year's "two sessions" and closely focus on "protecting villagers' practical interests in the process of rural rejuvenation and expanding their channels for getting rich and increasing income" and "party committees." The government formulated preferential measures to attract social funds and outstanding talents to deeply participate in the follow-up development of rural revitalization, "and put forward suggestions to express public opinions.

In 2019, the state party committee and the state government will do a good job of revitalizing the countryside from top to bottom, and maintain the "four concepts" and "five equal development" mentality of tourism in the region. They will continue to make efforts to inject new momentum into the tourism market in Ganzi. "The whole state receives more than 33 million tourists throughout the year, with a comprehensive income of 36.3 billion yuan, achieving 10 million steps a year and breaking the 10 billion mark a year." Said Luo Xiuzhen, a member of the CPPCC and chairman of the Kangding CPPCC. The state has become one of the most influential tourist destinations in the country and the most supportive in the whole province. As a result, it has a stronger "motivation" for performing its duties.

This year, in order to be able to put forward a "word value" proposal on the important practice platform of "Chinese-style democracy" in the two sessions of the state, she conducted an investigation into the township and village departments of the CPPCC members more than a month ago. This time, she will bring a suggestion on improving the image of the first city and improving the traffic conditions. "We must not only make the countryside beautiful, but also make the town more livable. In this way, the tourism in Ganzi can keep going high. . "

Let the "big picture" of the party committee government and the "small goals" of millions of households complement each other, and let the policy and the people's hearts resonate at the same frequency-this answer is very valuable!

People are markers

▶ Deserves the temperature in Ganzi

"Let's just fight for the day and night, and live up to Shaohua, and welcome the arrival of 2020." In these days, I often read these words in the New Year message of General Secretary Xi Jinping, a member of the CPPCC and assistant principal of Luding Bridge Primary School in Luding County. Du Deqin felt energetic and thought-provoking. "Grasping the bull's nose of the development situation, talent is the fundamental cornerstone, and education is the top priority."

From "the calm desk where nowhere is placed" to "the best Cordyceps in the classroom classroom", Du Deqin's years of teaching experience have made him truly feel: In recent years, the Provincial Party Committee and the Provincial Government have targeted and implemented the implementation in Tibet, including "Education and Development Revitalization" "Six people's livelihood project plans" including the "Plan", 15 years of free education and "drop-out insurance" achievements have been consolidated in depth, compulsory education and compensation education, skills training effectively link, and the formation of "learning a skill, employment one person" "One-household poverty alleviation" long-term mechanism.

However, even when the state party committee and the state government attach unprecedented importance to and investment in education, and this weak point continually overcomes new challenges, Du Deqin visited the survey and found some new issues worth pondering and solving: with the enhancement of township parents ’education awareness, in order to create more children ’s With good learning environment and conditions, they flooded to counties and cities by purchasing houses, renting houses, and entering cities to work, which led to the difficulty of enrolling schools in urban areas and the uneven state of fewer students in township centers.

In response to this widespread phenomenon, she locked her eyes on it. "If it really sinks, the proposal can reach the hearts of the masses. I propose to address these issues: First, to ensure the establishment of teachers and job titles in counties and cities across the state. "County-managed schools are hired" in order to balance the serious imbalance between teachers and students in towns and villages; the second is to increase the training of rural teachers, improve the quality of rural education, and prevent the loss of students to the greatest extent. "

Undoubtedly, the piles of the "flowers and young plants" and the ignition of the stars in Ganzi will affect the hope and strength of the people in Ganzi, because this is related to the future livelihood temperature of Ganzi; and another "big project" with this weight "That is: health.

In the meantime, the "high light" of traditional Chinese and Tibetan medicine has always been the focus of members of the Pengcuo Committee in the previous two sessions of the state. He said that under the background of the strong implementation of the strategy of industrial strong state, the scientific construction of a "6 + 1" green modern industrial system including Chinese and Tibetan medicine has been advancing all the way. As of now, more than 80,000 acres of Chinese and Tibetan medicinal planting bases have been established. The official operation of the Tibetan Hospital Wuhou Hospital-a descriptive "transcript" has made a solid footnote for the strength and potential of the Chinese and Tibetan medicine industry in the whole state.

There are highlights and shimmers. “At present, the province ’s highly qualified talent pool for Tibetan medicine is obviously insufficient, which is not conducive to the development of the modernized market for the Tibetan medicine industry. In the new year, it is expected that the state government will take the lead in strengthening the Tibetan medicine specialty ’s highly-educated talent training program and promote the acceptance of Tibetan medicine teachers. Educational reforms will increase the qualifications of co-educational secondary education to college education, and increase the number of college graduates in Tibetan medicine-related majors. "Peng Cuo suggested, guided by policies such as" industry poverty alleviation "and" village revitalization ". To speed up the cultivation and development of the Chinese and Tibetan medicine industry, we should also plan a state-level "highland endangered Tibetan medicinal planting demonstration base" in Degemaisu area with an area of more than 100 acres.

The mighty Gongga witnesses the rapid changes of Ganzi; the flowing of the Three Rivers contains endless power.

The answer sheet for 2019 is brilliant, and the horn of the new journey in 2020 has sounded. We have reason to believe that the representative committee members who focus on one meeting and one meeting, cherish the annual look back and look forward to the future, will lead our Ganzi people to the spiritual realm of "the success must not be in me" and "the success must have me". Responsible for history, irrigate harvest with sweat, move forward with determination, endure the test in the wind, frost, rain and snow, and step on the road of exploration.

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