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Winter warmth

Ganzi Daily January 10, 2020

Take a group photo.

    ◎ Yang Quanfu

On December 27, 2019, I received a call from Ganzi Daily and invited me to participate in the training session organized by Ganzi Daily in Kangding. The opportunity is rare. The training time is arranged on the weekend without delaying the class time, so I gladly agreed. However, I know that most of the people who participated in this training session were the backbone of the 万人炸金花 of the Rong media centers in all counties. With a stingy heart, I drove more than 200 miles to Kangding.

Teacher, to pass the teaching

The training session was extremely compact. In two days, more than 100 students will listen to the lectures of four teachers. At the opening ceremony of the training session, the Party Secretary and President of the Ganzi Daily News, Waxi Pengcuo, explained the importance of the training. He pointed out that at the same time as social progress, it has brought unprecedented challenges to the media. This training event was a reunion of Ganzi Daily and the cooperating counties and cities. The training will focus on the development of financial media in Ganzi Prefecture, the complementation of county-level financial media centers and the integration of state-level financial media, and security guarantees, to answer questions and doubts of personnel participating in the training in cities and counties.

The first training lecture was given by Song Kaiwen, the director of the Sichuan Daily's reporter station in Deyang, and the content was "How to Do a Good Job in News Editing in the New Situation." At the beginning, he put forward the idea of "showing the highlights and writing work as 万人炸金花", starting from the case, and explaining the importance of opening 万人炸金花 topics.

Then Mr. Song Kaiwen showed the students several works that won the National Journalism Award. He pointed out that as a 万人炸金花 writer, he must write good 万人炸金花. The criteria for judging good 万人炸金花 is that the subject matter is novel, the topic is good, and it has obvious social effects. What distinguishes good 万人炸金花 from general 万人炸金花 is that it has three main points: new, live, and deep.

In the second lesson, Xie Kai, a reporter from "Cover News" and "West China Metropolis Daily", gave a lecture on "shooting and production of short videos" to the trainees. He explained the classification of short video content, the advantages of short video, integrated applications, and director thinking. He said that the most important thing is to know what kind of short 万人炸金花 videos the Internet needs in order to be targeted.

During the explanation process, Mr. Xie Kai gave a live demonstration to allow students to interact with him. In the end, Mr. Xie Kai hopes that every media person must master some shooting skills and tell big stories from small cuts when selecting content. This will make a piece of work flesh-and-blood, and won the audience's favor.

The third class was taught by Zhu Tian, director of the Media Research Center of Sichuan University and a doctoral tutor. He brought to the students a lecture entitled "Establishment of Media Fusion Concepts and Quality Requirements of Media People". In the lecture, he pointed out that with the continuous development and progress of the times, everyone has a sense of panic of knowledge and ability, which makes everyone self-danger. For this reason, everyone must not have the slightest slack, and only by learning continuously the day after tomorrow will not be eliminated by this society.

Zhu Tian said vividly: "The" integration "in the primary stage of media fusion is like organizing marriage and formal combination; the" coupling "in the intermediate stage of media fusion means finding sensations and gradually synchronizing; the integration of the advanced stage of media fusion is like It's a complete blend, giving birth to children and growing old. "

Zhu Tian believes that for this purpose, fusion should be regarded as a new content delivery channel, a traditional content supplement method, a simple amount of scale expansion and a simple application of a production technology platform. In the end, he pointed out that the reconstruction of the mechanism is the fundamental premise of whether media convergence can be promoted. The management mechanism of traditional media is a piece-by-segment, block-based structure model that is relatively consistent with the traditional media's linear transmission mode. , But contrary to the mesh structure of new media dissemination. To this end, we need everyone to figure out, and continue to find insights from practice, so as to find an effective way.

The fourth lesson was taught by the Changzi Guozhang, the vice chairman of the Ganzi Photographers Association and a veteran reporter from Ganzi Prefecture. He brought a lecture on "Photography in the Media Age". In the lecture, he explained the importance of 万人炸金花 photography from three aspects.

At the training meeting, four teachers answered questions raised by trainers on the spot. A staff member from Xinlong County Rongmedia Center gave a thumbs up and told the author excitedly: "Teacher, preaching and teaching can also be confusing. This training session made me really feel what this sentence contains. Meaning, I like the lectures and professionalism of the teachers. "

We are confident to build Rong Media Center

At the training site, almost all after 1990, looking at a vibrant face of Zhang Huan, I could not help but say in my heart: young is so good.

Among the many 万人炸金花 enthusiasts, the most striking is Yin Jie from the Propaganda Department of Litang County Party Committee. She sat quietly and kept the pen in her hand to record what the teachers were teaching. During the training break, I talked to Yin Jie. She told me that she was from a foreign province, and because of her unforgettable love for the Tibetan area, she was admitted to Litang County in a public recruitment.

At this point, one of his colleagues turned his head and told me that during the university period, Yin Jie learned the Tibetan language from her classmates with an open mind. Within a few years, she could communicate with Tibetan classmates in a pure Lhasa dialect. . Looking at the little girl with a red color on the plateau in front of my face, I couldn't help it.

When I asked about the operation of the Rongtang Media Center in Litang County, she told me that with the strong support of the Litang County Party Committee and the county government, the Litang County Rongmedia Center was well established in just ten days. In the allocation of talents, the county Party committee and county government adjusted the pens from various units to form a team under the leadership of the county leaders, which laid a solid foundation for the rapid and good development of the county financial media center. After the establishment of the county financial media center, the county party committee and county government put forward specific requirements for the staff of the county financial media center, asking them to better meet the information needs of the people, win the support of more audiences, and better expand The influence of mainstream values has allowed the party's voice to spread more widely, deeper and deeper among the masses.

When the author asked about the gains in this training, Yin Jie closed the notebook and told the author that in just two days of training time, he learned a lot of useful knowledge from the instructor. For example, the starting point of 万人炸金花 writing, the method of 万人炸金花 writing, and the future integration and development of the county's financial media construction have clear directions.

Zhang Dexi of the Propaganda Department of Daofu County Committee is a lady I am familiar with among the participants. Two years ago, Zhang Dexi and I had a relationship at the correspondent training seminar held by Ganzi Daily. I can meet her again in Kangding this time, and the excitement overflows with words.

She told me that at the beginning of the establishment of Daofun Rongmedia Center, everyone was confused about Rongmedia. I did n’t know how to face this new thing, so I had to cross the river by feeling the stones. However, with the strong support of the county party committee and government, Rong media began to operate. First, Rong Media Center integrated public media resources such as TV, website, client, WeChat, and Weibo together. Then, I posted a few messages on the media. I did not expect that in a few days, the number of reposts and page views had exceeded 10,000, which caused heated discussion among the masses.

Zhang Dexi told me that the county-level financial media is playing its role and has become the propaganda position of the party committee, the service window of the government, and the online office hall of the masses. She told me that during this training, she sat under the podium and carefully recorded the lectures of the teachers. After the meeting, she also communicated with the staff of the county financial media centers. She said that the stones of other mountains can be used to attack jade. After returning, they will definitely bring back the knowledge gained in this training session and apply them to actual work, so that the county financial media center will play a greater role.

Although Yang Hongchuan, a staff member of Danba County Rong Media Center, has been in the propaganda system for a short time, he is well aware of its operation. He told the author that the establishment of the Rong media center is the need of the development of the times. As a young generation, he knows that the strategy of propaganda mainly starts from several aspects. The first is to study the needs at hand, so that we can be targeted. The second is to serve the government, because the media center is a tool for the government's external publicity. Only after the publicity is done can people know the government's policies and propositions. Third, as a new generation of media people, we must constantly enrich ourselves, arm our minds with knowledge, and think more, so as to make our own contributions to the construction of the media center.

The author also contacted Cao Song, the head of Danba County Financial Media Center. He told me that when the Financial Media Center was established, the county party committee and county government attached great importance to it and held a special meeting to actively implement supporting measures for the construction of the Financial Media Center Created the best conditions. At the same time, from the institutional level, it is ensured that the finance provides basic operational guarantees for the financial media center, and the mainstream position is strengthened with integration. At present, Danba County Rong Media Center website has more than 10,000 fans, which provides a strong spiritual force and public opinion support for the development of the county.

After the training session, I embarked on the journey with the three staff members from Danba County Rongmedia Center. Xiao Feng told me excitedly while playing with the camera. In this training, I learned a lot of useful knowledge Such as video production, video integration, etc. He hopes to participate in more such targeted training in the future.

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