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Natural musk

Ganzi Daily January 03, 2020

◎ Xianxi promising

"Hulu" Ping was originally called "Fu Lu" Ping, and its ancestors named it "Fu Lu" Ping, which means Blessing to the children and grandchildren, without worries about clothing and food, healthy and long life, happy to live in one side of the landscape, and warm the other side of the home. Because of the homophony of "Fu Lu" and "cucurbit," over time, the name "cucurbit", coupled with the topography and landforms of Huluping, is exactly a wine gourd, embedded in the Qianshui shore of Qianli Gallery, giving people infinite imagination. People have infinite ideas.

According to legend, Zhang Guolao, one of the Eight Immortals, passed by this place and was deeply fascinated by the scenery in front of him. He was fascinated and excited, untied the wine gourd around his waist, caught a few mouthfuls of wine, and praised him. Because Zhang Guo was happy for a while, he danced, and accidentally, the gourd in his hand fell from the cloud. In an instant, a rainbow passed, and wine gourds turned into green hills, streams, and layers of terraces, turning into a gourd-like slope.

Passed down ten, ten through one hundred, passed down from generation to generation, and passed down from generation to generation. The posterity was even more imaginative. Passing on its legend convinced future generations, and made future generations feel a sense of glorious pride. sense. Although it is a legend, generations of gourds have been influenced, infected and inspired by legendary meanings. Therefore, they have exerted their ingenuity and hard work. They just built the ancient building of Huluping, with herds of chickens and ducks, slopes of cattle and sheep, and fragrance of fruits and vegetables. Coupled with the isolation from the outside world since history, it has become the only paradise in the hinterland of the Wuling Mountains.

Huluping is located in the west of Gaofeng Town, Guzhang County, on the south bank of Lishui, adjacent to Liling County in the east, Baojing and Huayuan in the west, Yongshun in the north, Jishou in the south, and Xiaoxi and Gaowangjie. The national-level nature reserve is in line with the famous scenic spots such as Furong Town, Laosi City, Zulongxia, Red Stone Forest, and Dehang Miao Village. The mountains, rivers and rivers are beautiful, and they are indeed a good place for leisure, entertainment, vacation and return to homesickness.

In the late autumn season, as a literary and art worker, I was very fortunate to participate in this large-scale literary gathering of "well-known writers writing gourds". Before I set off, I did n’t know much about Huluping, and I was always wondering: Huluping, Huluping, what kind of goods are in this gourd? What "medicine" is sold? Moreover, listening to Chairman Wang's introduction, Huluping is also her hometown, and there is only one sailing boat every day, which has further stimulated my curiosity.

I lived on the river Goli. When I was in the mountains and loved the water, when I first arrived at the Luoxi Creek Pier, I was fascinated by the sight in front of me. I could n’t wait to take out my mobile phone and turn on the camera. The village committee has long prepared a motor boat to dock on the shore. The green river slaps on both sides. The dense vegetation on the shore is under the warm sun, dancing like a mirror. The white cranes are swaying leisurely on the shore. bush. Some circling the sky above the clouds in threes and twos, and some dragonflies splashing water, frolicking the layers of waves.

The engine sound of the standby motor boat "clicked", and these water spirits habitually maintained the same attitude. Maybe it is different from usual. When I saw many strange guests coming today, some white cranes rose into the air, and the waves at the stern of the ship moved randomly, and they refused to leave for a long time.

The boat split the waves in the river water. The green hills on both sides of the river moved with the waves, and the writers of the mining group went to the bow to take a group photo. After the boat had been traveling for an hour and a half, the river gradually narrowed, and in a blink of an eye, a knife-like straight hill appeared in front of it. When wondering that there was no way out, the peak loop turned, and the river gradually widened, and I saw the other side of the river full of folks who had already come.

A polder that looks like a gourd, lying on the banks of the Huangshui River, my heart gradually cleared. Only then did I understand: Huluping has a great reputation and naturally has its uniqueness. Huluping people use the golden waterway of Lushui to sell the local specialties such as tung oil, tea oil, wood, and medicinal materials from Xiangxi through Dongshui into Dongting and sell them all over the country. At the same time, Huluping people buy cloth and salt from all over the country. , Foreign goods, and other items, the days of Huluping dress up colorful, fun.

After waiting for the boat to dock, the folks held the big, red and sweet citrus in their hands, urging us to taste. In a blink of an eye, several large boxes of oranges were swept away. The folks were very happy to see us eating, their faces were extremely proud.

Although Huluping is transported by boat to the outside world, there are spacious roads in the village. However, from the bottom to the top, the car must pass through a winding lane to reach the top of the mountain.

Folks said that Huluping is divided into Shangzhai, Zhongzhai, and Xiazhai. Let's take a car to Shangzhai first. With the operation of several pickup trucks, we kept climbing along the lane. Although the road could only be passed by one car, some corners were very sharp, and we glanced out through the car and boat. The spine was numb, but the driver was numb. It was Xiang'an nothing, turning the steering wheel skilfully and plunging straight into the sky.

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