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Walk through the forest

Ganzi Daily January 14, 2020

Du Mingquan

A round of rising sun rose through the transpirational clouds and clouds, rising above the mountains covered by Wan Mu. Because of the heavy clouds of autumn, the vast rays of light have disappeared. The round sun can make people look straight, snow-white, like a large round platinum ball. It hung high in the depths of clouds and mist in the sky, giving a strong and magical three-dimensional sense. The sun seemed close to me, as if I could reach out and grab it in my arms; and it seemed as far away from me, she was looming in the deep white mist, which was beyond sight. At this moment, Hao Miao's heaven and earth gave people an endless mysterious sense of ritual, shocking people who couldn't understand the road, and suddenly said nothing.

Carrying a backpack, climbing from one mountain to another, passing from one town to another town, the forest along the way was overcast, and the path was flooded with grass. See the mountains alone, listen to the birds quietly, realize that the mountains and wild winds are blowing, and marvel at the good fortune of life. When you are tired, you just pick a stone, spread a layer of hay, and sit down to rest. My bag is one of my mobile homes. I have all the daily necessities. I have insect repellents purchased at the medical supermarket, mineral water purchased at the life supermarket, and food that can provide me with a day. There is a bag full of forest flavor Pine nuts, a specialty of the northern forests, are several times more delicious than melon seeds, just one or two, and chew slowly. The scent is full of the fragrance of pine forest, flowers, breeze, and bright moon. The sweet and mellow taste in the distant forest, the taste of nature, the taste of forest. If you want to say "mountain treasure", this pine nut must be regarded as one of the treasures in the mountain. In addition to opening nuts such as acorns, pine nuts are also a good food for squirrels and other animals. Squirrels have been collected from pine branches that have risen into the sky. A total of more than 10,000 may have been buried in the ground one by one for winter. After eating, the missing pine nuts buried underground often grow into pine trees. Therefore, the squirrel should be regarded as a labor pacesetter for planting pine trees. The manual collection of pine nuts should be regarded as taking food from the squirrel's mouth. I heard that collecting pine nuts is a very hard and dangerous job. Although people are intelligent, their movements are not as masters in the large forest as squirrels are as light and agile as clouds between branches. Therefore, collectors often fall from high branches without dying or being disabled. A processed pine nut, after thousands of miles of trek, finally came to my hands and came to my lips, and it sent the secret message in the vast forest in the north and the bright light of thousands of lives.

The bag also contains a power bank, a flashlight, a telescope, a simple tent, a rumpled "Compendium of Materia Medica", and a newly bought "Jungle Story". My bag is a treasure chest. Even if it is not commonly used, I still have ordinary medicines such as wind oil essence, cooling oil, paraquat antipruritic cream, alcohol, and some first-aid medicines. I know that because I have been living in the wilderness and living in the city for many years, I usually pay attention to clothing, food, and transportation. High, fine, sharp, severely detached from nature, my body is no longer able to adapt to the wind and rain of the mountain forest environment and the infestation of mosquitoes. I need to repel them by applying Chinese herbal medicine on my body and exuding odors of drugs. In the competitive forest, of course, people must understand some simple ways to protect themselves and rescue themselves. Use your mobile phone to play a new song, take a breath, then move on, carry your backpack, hang the camera, hold your left stick in your left hand, and hold an open machete that is not easy to use in the right hand (I do n’t want to chop randomly in the forest) , Continue to walk, look for a good place to set up camp with a broad field of vision, you can settle down, no rocks can fall, at least people feel safer.

A song called "Mountain Flowing Water" was repeatedly played in the mobile phone, and the elegant music sounded like a spring flowing in the forest.

The wooden leaves are like flowers, and they are colorful. Although it is late autumn, there are dense leaves on the branches of Wan Mu, most of which are still green, and the leaves of some forest trees begin to turn yellow slowly. For example, the green trees are wearing orange robes, and some are slowed by the autumn wind. Slow red, such as the gardenia tree, raised a dazzling torch. Except for the poplars, other forests have to enter the midwinter season before all the leaves are thrown off and their true bodies appear. Looking at the ground, the ground is still covered with fallen leaves, layer after layer, including the small leaves of cypress trees that have not completely rotten last year, deposited an inch thick, stepping on, soft and fluffy. The smell of trees in the air drenched my lungs. These odors with germicidal function filter the air, leaving Siwei in the thin and bright light. This kind of air is definitely good for my health, it makes me open-hearted, my bones active and refreshed.

The wild animals that I can see at any time are all kinds of birds that are not afraid of people, and various ants that don't see or hear me, the former flutters in the sky, the latter walks silently in the depths of the earth. It is very difficult to see other wild animals walking day and night, and you need to observe carefully without closing your eyes at night. In terms of body size, in front of the ant, I should be considered a giant earthquake dragon, and I am a high mountain in front of the ant. Maybe when other life disappears inadvertently, and this kind of ant that can adapt to nature quickly, may become the ruler of the earth in the future.

The sunlight at noon was bright, and several white clouds wiped the sky like white towels, and the sky was blue. After a few mountain walks, the whole body was already sweating. Pick a dark place, sit down, open your placket, and the breeze is coming, infinitely comfortable. Old and near ancient trees are entwined by clumps of vines, some up to the crown. The butterfly flew up and down and was personable. Everything grows together and does not harm each other. The trees are thick and lush, especially the grass is growing vigorously, and they are green. They choose nowhere. As long as there is sunshine, they open green stalks and show a faint purple inflorescence. Crowded again and again. The birds were hustle and bustle, there were several brown wild birds, the size of their fists. They might have rushed out of the trees in order to change the feeding grounds. I was too late to surprise and take pictures. Their legs and feet were abnormally sharp and ran out of me Line of sight, hidden into another thick grass.

Landing at dusk, I chose a place with water in the middle of the mountain, set up a tent, and prepared to camp. Boil water, make instant noodles, drink a bag of milk, eat a bag of beef jerky, cut an apple, chew a few pine nuts, after dinner is ready, pack the garbage, put it in a backpack, take a short break, and watch the sun fall into the distant mountains. Waiting for the stars to hang on the sky, flashing in the galaxy, waiting for new surprises at night. I want to take advantage of my moving and good eyesight, and I want to see this beautiful forest world as much as possible. At this time, if the energy is still sufficient, then depending on the interest, as long as the forest vegetation is not destroyed, a temporary small grass shed can be built.

I like to build an extremely simple small shack with branches and weeds in the deep forest, and put a layer of branches on top of the shack. I brought some stones around the shack and put it on the ground in the shack. A layer of branches and a layer of weeds with a thickness of one foot on the branches to block the heavy moisture on the ground. Cut another bale of grass and stuff the shed. Sitting and lying in the shed, it is soft and warm, very comfortable, listening to music, playing with a mobile phone camera, or taking out the telescope and observing whether there are any wild animals moving around, everything moves with the joy. The vegetation is soft, exuding the gentle breath of the ancient forest. All the humidity and cold are kept out of the warm shed. If it is too early, you can also cut some vines and weave a thick "cover" with hay to prepare for the cold night time.

The shack shelters me from the wind and rain, and the dampness of the wilderness. I use it as a temporary observation point, as well as a place to sharpen and temporarily rest. In autumn and winter, you can live in such a warm thatched shed to prevent coldness; in the middle of summer and early autumn, when the weather is hot, you live directly in a cool, ventilated tent. At night, lying on the grass shed, you can see the starlight leaking from the sky, meet the moonlight milky clear night, and you can see the moonlight leaking from the gap left on the roof of the shed like water, mottled, quiet and distant It feels more comfortable than living in Xiaoyanglou. Is this a psychological return to the ancestors? I do not know. Perhaps, in the far-reaching and secretive human genetics, I haven't forgotten the scenes of the human ancestor's happy life in the forest. If you are lucky, you can also find the activities of wild boars, pig pheasants, hares, foxes, weasels and other animals. Going deep into the nature, the fun is endless.

In the reckless forest, each mountain is a famous mountain, and each river is a large river with many stories hidden in it. Each has its own unpredictable beauty. The breeze cuts through the bustling, cleans the dust, and shakes people's hearts. In these rare good times, I can listen to the time walking through the trees, enjoy the mist flying up and down, and listen to the drizzle. The drizzle is actually the nature whispering, telling all night and all night, the groaning and singing of the autumn bugs in the corner is like a whistle of a loved one; when you wait for the night, you can also concentrate on enjoying the heaven The round bright faint moon rises from east to west and rotates in the vast space-time, Rouman gentle. Under the shelter of the big forest, listen to the vegetation sprouting, the breeze is rolling, and the time is on the shore. This little shack in the wilderness seemed to allow me to hear the sound from the heart of the earth and the forest. I know, even then, I can never really return to nature.

In the new era, human beings are advancing by leaps and bounds. The sky can be swept by the sky, and the sea can be caught by the ocean. We still have plenty of time. Everything seems to be too late, but we can't keep up with the speed of our contempt and wanton destruction Can we surpass this speed? Humans have defeated wild animals no matter their size or intelligence. In the forests of the Caizi River Basin, trying to find wildlife that is larger than my body is a delusional, whimsical thing, even domestic animals. The larger oxen that followed us for thousands of years gradually faded out of my sight. We have indeed completely controlled and squandered the earth. What do we want to continue in the face of the vast earth? In the face of great nature, Hawking said: Humans have overestimated their own wisdom.

When we live and entertain, plants and trees protect us from places not far or near us, like patient and meticulous kind babysitters, even if we turn a blind eye to them, we do not take them at all. In the forest, the sun, clouds, and wind have passed by and will return again, and those endangered wild animals and plants have walked back to us and will never return, never again.

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