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Moonlight on the Jinsha River-A Day of Poverty Alleviation in Haba Village, Baiyu County

Ganzi Daily January 10, 2020

The completed village road in Haba village.

◎ Wei Min / Wen Baiyu Publicity Department / Photo

One episode of "Long Reader" is about youth. Dong Qing said in her opening remarks: youth is used for struggle, not for splurge. Only in this way, when we look back one day and say goodbye to the one who stood under the most glorious sun and the once youth, we can say: Thank you! Goodbye! As we walked along the "Moonlight Promenade", we listened attentively to the rushing waters of the Jinsha River, like the drumbeat of youth, playing cheerfully in our hearts.

In the year of staying in the village, the Jinsha River ran like a steed like a horse, strong like a dragon in the earth, witnessed our loyalty and responsibility, and our dedication and dedication. We can't count how many hurried footprints we left on the banks of the Jinsha River, and how much youth sweat we shed.

Fortunately, in those deliberate or inadvertent nights, I can always see the bright moon on the river, the moon is shining, and the Ming River is in the same shadow, like the eternal friendship between me and Haba Village, like a common people Both hands with calluses clasped me tightly, a pair of smiley eyes looked at me affectionately, how pure and flawless, but also heart-to-heart. The moonlight on the Jinsha River always warms people's hearts, always gives people strength, and always gives people hope.

Moved into Haba Village

Winter is here, and "goose feathers" are snowing heavily in our village. We tried to go out with a motorcycle, but the snow was slippery, and I fell down without riding too far. What should I do? The first secretary tilted his head and thought for a moment, and then pursed his lips with a smile: "Well, walk back to the city, do you dare?" I looked at her smile, and my heart filled with arrogance like warm current: "What dare not, go!"

We both stepped on the road with creaking snow. The first secretary was like a naughty child. He used his mobile phone to play nice songs all the way. When he saw the snow accumulating on the roadside branches, he pinched a snow ball and threw it at me. I caught it with my hands and just took a sip. It was cold and cold, and it felt sweet and moist.

We walked and walked, the sky gradually darkened, but it was not the dark, crickety, yellowish sky that reached out with five fingers, and a bright bright moon was rising slowly. The moonlight on the Jinsha River was like a soft baby hand , Stroking the top of our head gently, sprinkled Qinghui everywhere, accompanied the way home ...

It has been a year since I arrived in Baiyu Village, and I have met many people and experienced many things, some of which are subtle, but enough to touch and impress my soft heart. Over the past year, while observing the change in the role of the cadre from the government to the cadre in the village, I have observed and recorded the changes in the location of my village. With the camera and pen, I have harvested countless unforgettable moments. Every time I met the Tibetan people who clasped their hands together and expressed their gratitude to themselves and their colleagues, there was a moving emotion deep in their hearts. The world is big, and the most real emotions are the most moving.

I remember the day when I came to Baiyu, it was the party ’s birthday. When I wrote the blessings to the party in my diary, I felt a whisper of revolutionary pride. Quite a few “thousands of knowledgeable young people rushed to the countryside with revolutionary pride.” feel. Yes, starting today, I will fight here, and write my own chapter of life in this small frontier town across the river from Qamdo, Tibet.

My village is called Haba Village, 12 kilometers from the township government resident and 20 kilometers from Baiyu County. In addition to me, there are two other people, one assigned by the propaganda department of the county party committee and one by the cadre of the township government. In this way, the village team consisting of our three women officially entered the Haba village to carry out all-out poverty alleviation work. When I first arrived in Haba Village, the first impression was dirty and messy. At that time, garbage was everywhere on the road, and many households had poor sanitation. Through interviews and investigations, we found that villagers generally have backward thinking, insufficient endogenous motivation for poverty alleviation, lack of spiritual life, and extreme lack of grassroots culture. Help the poor first and help the will, and fight the lazy first. Only by solving the ideological problems can we lay a solid foundation for true poverty alleviation. The first thing we do in Haba Village is to carry out the "remove the bad habits and set up a new wind" operation, and start the "first shot" after the task force is stationed.

    "New Look" in Haba Village

Where is the breakthrough? We discussed together and thought that it was first necessary to find a responsible woman in each family and teach them how to create a warm family environment so that each family could consciously develop good living habits.

Early in the morning on August 30, our village team and the village committees rallied the heavy rain and convened women who were responsible in each household to conduct indoor environmental sanitation inspections from house to house. The articles were not neatly arranged, the floor was too dirty, and they were randomly placed. Patient guidance and demonstration were conducted to teach everyone to arrange the covers and place kitchen utensils, so that the comrades who participated in the inspection had some ideas on how to maintain the indoor environment. Further understanding.

In order to further stimulate the endogenous motivation of villagers throughout the village and develop good habits of hygiene and tidyness, the resident team and the two village committees negotiated to form a fixed village convention. Starting from September, a monthly random inspection of the whole village's sanitation is conducted. The three households with the best environmental sanitation will receive 200 yuan in cash, and the three households with the worst environmental sanitation will be given rectification opinions and penalties. 100 yuan.

Through our little efforts, gradually, the village road became clean and tidy. The new house of the Tibetan family has bright windows and bright flowers. The cultivated flowers in the courtyard are especially brilliant. The good environment is the face of a village. The environment is clean and tidy. Villagers The smiles on their faces also came. Seeing their smiling faces, they gave us praise, and we realized that everything was worth it.

We often say that we need to stimulate the main role of poor households and achieve mutual progress in material and spiritual poverty alleviation. It now appears that spiritual poverty alleviation is particularly important. If you do not realize that you need to take the initiative to escape poverty, it is always dangerous to wait for it. In order to do a good job of spiritual civilization, the three of us are often together to discuss how to enrich everyone's spiritual life. Looking at the humble activity center, we were thinking that we should build the event room well and make it an important cultural activity base for everyone.

Singing of Haba Village

Let ’s do it. We and the cadres of the village and village committees started to buy materials in the city. We asked the carpenter to make the ideal activity room in my heart. The three women were at the village committee every day and discussed the activity room with the carpenter. Build work. After more than half a month, a brand-new activity room with collector's unique style without losing simplicity appeared again.

I remember that on the day when the activity room was officially completed, many people from Murakami came. Everyone rejoiced and carried the former table and stool to the activity room together, neatly arranged. When everything was packed, it was late, and a bright moon hung over our little village committee. Everyone was bathed in the moonlight, eating barley scones, drinking drinks, and laughing. That scene reminded me of "The Redemption of Shawshank". At the end of the renovation of the roof of the factory, the banker Andy won three bottles of beer for his companions. Everyone sat on the balcony, drinking beer and looking at his eyes. In the distance, the expression on his face was so enjoyable. At this moment, the sun was just right, and the whole world seemed to be coated with a layer of gold. They not only enjoyed the freedom of the Creator, but also a warmth from friendship.

This quiet and peaceful night is the most memorable one. The moonlight is like water and waves, and the bright moonlight is the easiest to remind people of sorrow and miss their hometown, but that night I sat among the villagers as if reunited with my family Only the sincere happiness, tranquility and joy echoed in my heart.

The activity room was repaired. We used the audio equipment distributed by the Culture, Broadcasting and Television Bureau to put various movies in the activity room to let everyone know the story outside the village. We opened a farmhouse and provided as many books as you like, so that Everyone fell in love with reading; we organized villagers to hold hands together during a farm break, form a circle, and jump to Baiyu Guozhuang. Those who are gentle, or radical, or cheerful, or soothing, tell people about the unique living environment and customs of this land.

When I was walking in the sea of songs with you, when the villagers strode on the rhythm of music, they sang neat and powerful footsteps, and when their singing penetrated the clouds, I was shocked and enjoyed the cultural meal Moving.

Spiritual culture is ahead, and infrastructure cannot be left behind. Soon after our village party member's activity room was renovated, a 50-square-meter, standard village clinic was also standing next to the activity room. All this, thanks to the “matchmaking” of the Chengdu Wuhou District Aid Tibet Team, which was built by counterparts, Chengdu Jiacheng Xinyue Property Management Group Co., Ltd. donated 300,000 yuan for the construction of Haba village clinics. On the day of the ribbon-cutting ceremony of the village clinic, the village was so busy. Tashi Zeren asked me if we can go to the hospital without leaving the house. I told him, of course, there were so many medicines in the clinic, and I didn't have to catch a cold anymore. That day, I saw Tashi Zeren's eyes shining. In order to solve the problem of travel of several families in the farthest villagers' groups, our team has repeatedly docked with transportation, poverty alleviation and other units, widened and strengthened the Tongzhuang Road, organized everyone to put in labor, and built a joint household road. After the road is repaired, everyone will be more convenient to travel.

Flag flying Haba village

One night, three women from our team sat around the fire. The first secretary, Ze Weng Zhima, talked to us. I didn't know when it would start. I felt that I had become a loved one with the villagers. When she went home and talked to her mother about our village, she always said, "Our Haba village, our Haba village." The mother laughed at her: "Oh, you don't even call your hometown so kind!"

When this small village of Haba Village came into our hearts, I can't say clearly. Maybe when we were in the village, everyone silently sent potatoes, radishes, and wild mushrooms collected from the mountain to the village committee, saying that they were afraid that we would have no food to eat;

Maybe when I went to Zezhen Jiangcao's house to see if his younger daughter's legs had completely recovered after the operation, and patiently filled out the application for assistance from the China Charity Foundation;

Perhaps it was when we and the village secretary went to the most difficult Yinba family in the village despite the storm, and we were ready to make suggestions for the house they were going to renovate. Their family has a disabled brother and three children who need care. Thanks to the Tibetan new home construction project, they moved into the new home.

Maybe one day the village committee suddenly stopped watering. When I was worried, I didn't know who it was, and I put a bucket full of water at the door of the village committee;

Perhaps in the rainy season, mudslides blocked the road in Tongcun. When we held the tools together with everyone to repair the road in Tongcun;

Maybe I saw Qi Mai Zeren barefoot in the activity room, and I asked him why he didn't wear shoes, how cold it was. He told me that only when he came down from the mountain, the shoes were all mud, fearing to stain the floor;

Perhaps Mr. Deng from the Kamba Cultural Research Institute came to our village and learned the story of our three women in the village, saying that when designing a cultural logo for our village, we must specifically sculpture three flowers to record our three flowers in Haba When struggling with youth

Maybe, just my villagers walked to the door of the village committee and saw me there, they kindly called me, hey, Gesang Meiduo, how are you ...

Last winter, the village was getting colder every day. The first secretary and I were in the village and hung the five-star red flag solemnly. On the top of the building, a large signboard of Haba Village Comprehensive Service Center in Jinsha Township was planned. Each office of the village committee was planned, and the files in the file cabinets were again Marking the classification, we are waiting for the final acceptance of poverty alleviation, just like the candidates taking the test. When the village comprehensive service center was all set up, it was snowing too much, and there was no car to pick us up from the village. Despite this, the village chief and Qi Mai Zeren decided to take us back to the city by motorcycle.

When I was at the foot of the mountain, I was sitting on a motorcycle and staring at our comprehensive service center. It was the only red spot in the long snow. When I remembered that red spot, we also paid for it. Indescribably bold. It was snowing too much, and we were walking hard in the snow, without paying any attention. Qi Mai Zeren and I slipped along with the motorcycle. The thick snow made the motorcycle completely out of control, so the first secretary and I asked the village chief and Qi Mai Zeren to go back first, planning to walk back to the city.

Watching them turn their motorcycles because they couldn't ride, they pushed the car back step by step, until they gradually disappeared into our sight, and the first secretary and I started walking down the mountain. We walked and walked until the moon rose to the sky, the snow was reflecting the moonlight, and the moonlight illuminated the snow. As if we were walking in a fairy tale world, the eyes were pure and the tentacles were pure. What is the distance? What's so much about walking from day to night?

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