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Winter boom in tourism in our state

Ganzi Daily December 24, 2019

Let "Ice Snow" bloom "Ice Love and Snow Charm"

◎ Reporter Zhang Ye

Thousands of miles are frozen, thousands of miles of snow drift. The plateau in winter seems to have entered the "hibernation". In order to make the winter and spring tourism hot, and make Ganzi a truly national comprehensive tourism demonstration area, the state party committee and the state government complete the transportation infrastructure, tourism service reception level, and winter and spring tourism. Highlights and other shortcomings, the group went to Huizhou, Zhuhai, Shenzhen, Chongqing, and Lijiang to promote the Ganzi winter and spring tourism brand. A series of tourism preferential activities made tourists in the main source areas of our state eager to try; the rural tourism festival was successfully held, folk songs and dances , Characteristic local cuisine, and "different" scenery from the summer and autumn festivals, this winter and next spring, Ganzi Prefecture launched a rich human heritage project Tibetan medicinal bath experience and national non-heritage project black pottery production experience, cow hair weaving experience, engraving printing experience and other rich There are more than 80 events including various tourist participation activities, Jeonju festivals and folk custom participation experience projects.

Tourists from all over the country are amazed by the tourism in Ganzi. This winter, tourists feel the "hotness" of Ganzi tourism.

Let the world see the beauty of Ganzi

Ganzi in winter and spring is full of magnificent glaciers and snowy mountains, and the geothermal boiling of hot springs is everywhere. Visitors can enjoy the extreme beauty of the misty mountains and bathe the warmth and joy from the depths of the earth's crust. This year's hot spring in Haizi Prefecture has Hailuogou , Yanzigou, Kangding Mugecuo, Kangding Zhonggu Village, Luding Detou Bay East, Danba Dangling, Daocheng Zhubuca, Dege Dumuling Pastoral Bath, Luhuo County Wetland Park Hot Spring Villa, Ganzi County Near King Saar and other 40 places.

"Since the beginning of winter, our business is getting better and better every day, and more tourists come to stay." On December 20, Hou Wenxiang, owner of Xiangyi Farm, Shanshuping Village, Moxi Town, Hailuogou, was busy giving tourists who came to stay. Check-in information. He told reporters that on November 20th, tourists who came to Hailuogou since the opening ceremony of the 2019 “Easy Sichuan Winter Tour Tianfu” tourism season and the opening ceremony of the 2019 Sichuan Ice, Snow and Hot Spring Tourism Festival opened in Hailuogou Scenic Spot, Ganzi, Sichuan. Every day, more and more, the popularity of Xiangyi Farm, which he runs, is growing day by day. He said: "In the past winter, Hailuogou tourism has entered a low season, and some have to close their doors for business."

Laozhaizi shack, Tusiguanzhai ruins, Pisces playful lantern ... On December 6, Chongqing tourist Ma Tao was attracted by the unique rural beauty in front of him. "I came here to attend the first rural tourism festival in Kangding. I didn't expect that here is not only beautiful scenery, but also a strong cultural atmosphere, people are fascinated." Ma Tao said, Kangding Mai Bengxiang let him linger. "Here, 90% of the houses are made of wood and stone, carved eaves beams, and sky-changing elevators. They are called" living fossils "of traditional architecture, and every door opened has a moving story. I have been intoxicated by these legends. In the story. On New Year's Day, I must bring my family to the story here. "For a long time, the winter and spring festival is the" low season "of our tourism industry. Landscape-like landscapes form different scenes in winter and are highly attractive for tourism. However, in winter and spring, the whole state's tourism is always “warm but not hot”, and the tourism industry is also showing “hot summers and cold winters”. This year, the transportation and other infrastructure conditions in our state have continued to improve, the reception level and service capabilities have been continuously improved. The "Winter Tour Ganzi · Hot Snow Boiling" tourism promotion conference has been successfully held throughout the country, and the winter and spring tourism in the state has set off a wave.

"I didn't expect to be able to taste the buttery tea from the original flavor of Ganzi Prefecture, Sichuan." On December 6th, the winter and spring tourism promotion conference of "Winter Tour Ganzi · Hot Snow Boiling" in our state came to Huizhou, Guangdong, and came as scheduled. Shenzhen. At the meeting, Hailuogou mineral water, Lanyi biscuits, buttered tea and other special products such as "Holy Ganzi" made the guests feel the enthusiasm of the Ganzi people while understanding the beauty of Ganzi.

Tangning, a travel agent at the China Port of Shenzhen Port, was savouring the hot butter tea while reading the brochure of "Winter Tour Ganzi · Hot Snow Boiling". "Ganzi Prefecture has always been longed for by Guangdong tourists, but in the past, Ganzi Prefecture always felt very remote to us. Today ’s introduction meeting, we learned that the transportation infrastructure of Ganzi Prefecture has been greatly improved. From Shenzhen to Chengdu, we got off the plane Later, you can reach this beautiful place in less than 3 hours, which is definitely a happy thing for tourists. In addition, the winter and spring tourism products and supporting accommodations currently launched by Ganzi Prefecture are half price, air tickets 30% off, tickets Preferential policies such as half price, I believe will definitely further stimulate the tourism market in Ganzi. "Tang Ning said.

"We have included Aden in the line product, paved the market, and started immediately." On December 10th, our state held the Sichuan-Ganzi Winter-Spring Tourism Promotion Conference in the ancient city of Lijiang.

At the meeting, our state and Lijiang conducted in-depth exchanges on deepening cooperation, complementing each other's advantages, and seeking common development. The person in charge of Lijiang Travel Agency said that the strong alliance between Ganzi Prefecture and Lijiang is a happy thing for tourists. They can travel along Lijiang to Ganzi Prefecture, go to Dacheng Aden to experience the pure beauty, and go to Litang, the city of the sky. See the prairie experience a different kind of plateau culture, go to the legendary Shambhala township and county to live a white Tibetan house to experience the life of a collector, go to the Sun Valley to gain honor, and so on. Plan high-quality tourism products, and jointly promote the development of the Greater Shangri-La Circle Tourism.

Since the beginning of winter this year, our state has successively held several "Winter Tour Ganzi · Hot Snow Boiling" tourism promotion conferences in Huizhou, Guangdong, Zhuhai, Shenzhen, Chongqing, Lijiang, Chengdu and other places. At the meeting, the five highlights and five lines of "Winter Tour Ganzi · Hot Snow Boiling" were eye-catching. "I just watched the tourism promotional video" This Is My World "in Ganzi Prefecture. It was really shocking and beautiful." On the 13th of December, at the Chongqing Promotion Conference, Mr. Li, a citizen of Chongqing, was selected by our top tourism resources. And a lot of preferential policies. He said: "Now the transportation and tourism services in Ganzi Prefecture are so good, and the scenic spots, air tickets and hotels are all discounted. I have no reason not to go to Ganzi Prefecture to see the Snow Mountain and Bubble Hot Spring."

It is understood that this year, our state has accelerated the promotion of tourism across the region, and the tourism infrastructure of the whole state has been greatly improved. At present, it has the conditions to tap the development potential of winter and spring tourism. Wang Guangzhi, deputy director of the State Administration of Culture, Tourism and Tourism, said: "At present, the tourism traffic conditions in our state have reached the best period in history, and Chengdu to Kangding has reached a full three-hour high-speed arrival. The airport has erected the aerial tourism loop of Ganzi Prefecture; the 3200 kilometers of national and provincial trunk roads have been completely upgraded and upgraded, and the comfort, speed, accessibility and safety of tourism traffic have been further enhanced. Now tourists can travel to Ganzi in winter and spring. Experience the romance of the ice and snow hot springs. Leisure trips in Danba, Luding, Kangding and other villages in the Dadu River Basin, returning to the evening and weekend trips have become a reality. "

Wang Guangzhi introduced that since November 26, our state has held promotion conferences in Huizhou, Zhuhai, and Shenzhen in Guangdong Province. A total of more than 160 travel agencies and tourism-related companies have been invited. Through successive days of publicity and promotion, there are currently 80 Yujia travel agencies and tourism-related enterprises have reached intent cooperation with Hailuogou, Mugecuo, Aden and other scenic spots in our state. At the site of the promotion held in three places in Guangdong Province, more than 20 major local 万人炸金花 media pushed more than 30 messages of the promotion. Damei Ganzi is letting the world see the beauty of winter.

Let tourists feel good about Ganzi

"At 11 yuan, I played in Hailuogou, a 5A-level scenic spot, Zhen Ba Shi." On December 15, Chengdu tourist Wang Bo took his family to Hailuogou for sightseeing. Wang Bo told reporters that before he saw Hailuogou Scenic Spot tickets on the Internet from November 11 to March 31, 2020, he opened the official website of Hailuogou Scenic Area, Scenic WeChat public account, Ctrip.com, Meituan.com and other platforms. "Thousands of tickets to grab every day" event, 11 yuan can buy tickets for Hailuogou Scenic Area, so he did not hesitate to snap up 3 tickets. "Three tickets are only 33 yuan, which is really good value." Wang Bo said that Hailuogou not only offers discounted tickets, but also cheap hotel accommodation. "This is the only 5A-level scenic spot in Ganzi Prefecture. The scenic spot not only has top-level tourism resources, but also the first-rate guarantee service." Wang Bo told reporters that before booking Hailuogou, he booked a family in Moxi Town through Ctrip.com. The suites and rooms are not only spacious and hygienic, but also cost only 200 yuan. "This trip, whether it is eating, living, traveling or playing, I am very satisfied. I will definitely take my family to play in the future," Wang Bo said with emotion. The guarantee service of Hailuogou Scenic Spot is just the tip of the iceberg for the development of tourism in our region. Since the beginning of winter, the temperature in Daocheng County has gradually decreased, but with the successful promotion of winter and spring tourism in many places, more and more tourists have gradually warmed up Daocheng. "Most of our restaurants and hotels were closed at this time before, but this year there are so many tourists and we are not willing to miss the opportunity to make money." Said Shiro Dogi, owner of Tianxiang Hotel in Daocheng County. Today, Daocheng, hotels, restaurants, and other people are crowded, and have changed from the "solitude" of previous years.

"I have brushed the last piece of pure land Aden on the blue planet, and I feel super beautiful. I have always wanted to see it. Recently, I learned that Ganzi Prefecture introduced a tempting winter and spring tourism discount product, and I immediately bought it. Air ticket. "Chongqing tourist Li Xiaojing said, Daocheng Yading is a scenic spot worth visiting, not only the beautiful scenery, but also the details of the scenic spot make him feel intimate. "After arriving at the scenic area, whether it is a walking trail or a toilet in the scenic area, I feel that Aden has done a good job in every detail, and the hotel in Daocheng has also prepared sufficient oxygen rooms for tourists, which is also very detailed." Li Xiaojing said. According to reports, in order to ensure that tourists travel to Ganzi, since the beginning of winter, our state has only put 300 micro-portable oxygen generators, 3 portable micro-pressure oxygen tanks, 25 diffuse oxygen supply machines, 24 from Kangding to Daocheng. A mobile oxygen generator, 5000 oxygen tanks, and 6 free oxygen absorption points.

It is understood that in order to provide high-quality services and first-class experience for the majority of tourists to travel to Ganzi in winter, relevant departments of our state will strictly implement winter tourism protection measures in conjunction with more than ten units such as state transportation, public security, market supervision, price, drug supervision, and tourism law enforcement. And coordinate the relevant county and major scenic area management agencies to strengthen overall coordination from the aspects of traffic diversion, safety guarantee, market order, food supervision, price supervision, emergency handling, quality complaints, etc., to ensure that tourists come along and return with satisfaction.

"Our goal is to strive to build 4 5A-level scenic areas, 16 4A-level scenic areas, 24 3A-level scenic areas by 2020, receive 36 million tourists annually, and achieve a comprehensive tourism revenue of 37 billion yuan, with an average annual growth of 31.8%. To achieve this goal, we first start with the details, so that visitors to Ganzi can feel the goodness of Ganzi. "State Cultural Radio, Television and Tourism Administration and relevant officials said.

Make Ganzi a World Tourism Destination

On December 6, the "Golden Footprint Cultural Tourism Summit · 2019" Panzhihua, hosted by Sina, Weibo, the Sichuan Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism, and the People's Government of Panzhihua City, and organized by the Panzhihua Cultural Radio, Television and Tourism Bureau, and Sina Sichuan "Happy Sunshine Festival" was grandly opened. Our state won the honor of “The Most Influential Sichuan Tourism Destination on Weibo 2019”. In recent years, our state has adhered to the principle of ecological priority and a firm green development path. It has taken the lead in implementing a comprehensive tourism development strategy in the country. Focusing on building an important tourist destination in the world and a national comprehensive tourism demonstration zone, we have adhered to the full elements of tourism, the whole process, the whole time, The "Four Ideas" of the whole humanities, according to the "five equal emphasis on development" thinking of ticket economy and industrial economy, scenic spots and the overall environment, tourism and leisure and recreation, infrastructure and supporting construction, prescribed services and concepts, and services The cultivation of the tourism industry has become a leading industry, a wealthy people's industry, and a harmonious industry that promotes economic development, increasing the income of the masses, and national unity. So far, the state has created 30 A-level scenic spots, including 1 5A scenic spot, 12 4A scenic spots, 16 3A scenic spots, and 1 2A scenic spot. 1 provincial eco-tourism demonstration area, 1 provincial tourism resort area. The tourism economy of the whole state grew by an average of 27.26%. The added value of the tourism industry accounted for 17% of GDP. There were more than 30,000 registered tourism-related enterprises and more than 5,000 hotels.

"Global tourism is the only way for Ganzi Prefecture to realize the theory of" green water, green mountains are golden mountains and silver mountains ", and it is an inevitable choice for Ganzi Tibetan areas to achieve a well-off society in sync with the whole country. "Liu Hong, director of the State Administration of Culture, Radio, Television and Tourism said:" We focus on the 5 theme months of winter and spring tourism, 20 main activities and 62 supporting activities in accordance with the decision-making arrangements of the state party committee and state government. Marketing ice and snow hot spring vacation (red culture research) trip, Dadu River sunshine leisure recreation trip, G318 ring Aden blue sky starry mountain trip, Kangbei Gesar cultural experience tour, Sichuan West Ring Line flower viewing tour, etc. Fine tourism line. "

According to reports, at present, in accordance with the principles of “focusing on priorities, focusing on performance, standardizing operations, and dedicated funds,” our state is coordinating funds to support the enhancement of scenic area service capabilities. In 2019, 193.63 million yuan was invested in cultural tourism enhancement projects to improve tourism basic service capabilities and public service facilities. In accordance with the basic idea of integration of agricultural tourism and cultural tourism, financial subsidies, one-time rewards, financial subsidies, and financial subsidies are adopted to support the development of the three counties (cities) in Kangding, Luding, and Danba of the Dadu River Basin to develop special breeding, farming, and rural areas. Tourism, recreation and leisure industry, social capital participation in rural construction, and rural collective economic development, cashing in financial rewards of 8.05 million yuan, and making it a high-end leisure and vacation destination.

"Next, we will continue to tap the development potential of winter and spring tourism, expand the tourism market, develop new products for winter and spring tourism, shape a new brand for winter and spring tourism, and strive to achieve 9.1 million winter and spring tourism receptions across the state, a year-on-year increase of 30%. The tourism income in winter and spring reached 10 billion yuan, an increase of 30% year-on-year (among which, Hailuogou Scenic Area received 240,200 people, an increase of 15% year-on-year; Aden Scenic Area received 106,000 people, an increase of 30% year-on-year; Mugecuo Scenic Area received 112,000 people , A year-on-year increase of 20%), gradually cultivating winter and spring tourism into a new growth point in the development of tourism in the region, making Ganzi a world tourism destination. "Liu Hong said.

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