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Live streaming with "new medicine" refractory to e-commerce "old disease"

People's Network January 12, 2020

Exaggerated promotional data

From agricultural products live broadcast to help the poor, to public welfare live broadcasts to drive love, and then to the court live broadcast foreclosure record, the live broadcast format broke out and became a new traffic entrance. However, behind the fierceness, new and old problems of e-commerce continue to appear in the live broadcast industry. From "barbaric growth" to "filling introspection", some live-streaming e-commerce companies need to seek new developments in "eliminating fire" and "correcting".

Open e-commerce "new track"

"Chopping your hands" while watching the live broadcast has become a new online shopping method for many people. A report released by industry research firm Ai Media Consulting shows that the number of online live broadcast users in China will exceed 500 million in 2019, and 40% of the live broadcast users surveyed will choose to buy products recommended by celebrities or online celebrity e-commerce live broadcasters. Data from Taobao Live Shows that in 2018, Taobao Live Guide led the transaction to over 100 billion yuan, with a year-on-year growth rate of nearly 400%.

In 2019, live streaming has become the key marketing segment of major e-commerce companies. Taobao, JD.com, Mushroom Street, Quick Hand, Douyin, and Vipshop have joined this new e-commerce track. Chen Qi, the founder and chairman of the board of directors of Mushroom Street, believes that through live broadcast, consumers can get a comprehensive and deeper understanding of the shape and function of goods. In addition, the strong interactivity is also a prominent advantage of e-commerce live streaming.

"The live broadcast brings not only high conversion rates, but also 'two liters and one drop', that is, increased sales and satisfaction, reduced consultations, and less customer service pressure," said Cai Yifan, deputy general manager of Samma E-Commerce.

At present, the live broadcast format covers almost all industries including beauty, apparel, food, home furnishings, digital appliances, and automobiles. Among the anchor groups, one is that the brand and the merchant set up their own live broadcast room, and the other is a professional anchor. Professional anchors come from different industries, and use their expertise to select and recommend products for consumers, thereby forming an authoritative voice in the consumer field, and then affecting consumers.

Boost domestic demand and promote employment

Many experts believe that live broadcast e-commerce has created an increase in consumption, which has become an important driving force for domestic demand, a fast channel for the growth of new domestic brands, and some new occupations have emerged.

According to statistics, there have been more than 600 incubation companies for frontline e-commerce anchors, many of which are located in Hangzhou. Pan Helin, Executive Dean of the Institute of Digital Economy, Zhongnan University of Economics and Law, believes that the characteristics of institutionalization and professionalization of online celebrity live broadcast are becoming more and more obvious, that is, from the past UGC (user-originated content) model to the PGC (professional production content) model change.

By opening a live broadcast room, farmers can sell their agricultural products to the whole country. According to Alibaba data, there will be 20,000 village broadcasts of Tmall "Double 11" in 2019, and more than 40 county chiefs will live broadcast and drink local agricultural products.

Many traditional industries have undergone changes due to "grafting" live broadcasts. Luo Hangyu, a senior analyst of Zheshang Venture Capital, for example, said that jade and jade in the graphic era is difficult to sell online, but live broadcast can meet unique sales needs. With a flashlight behind the light, seeing light transmission, sales soared.

Thanks to 5G technology, live broadcast will not only be faster and higher definition, but also can be zoomed in and out to see more detailed parts of the product, which is good for product display. Yu Feng, head of the Taobao content e-commerce division, believes that the areas covered by live broadcasting will become wider and wider, and will enhance the interaction between users and broadcasters. There will even be new live broadcasts such as AR, VR live broadcast, and interactive live broadcast. the way.

The live broadcast has also spawned many new professions. From anchors, internet celebrities, to the agents, scene packers, live broadcast assistants, etc. behind them, there have been dozens of professions arising from live streaming of e-commerce.

Industry starts "cold thinking"

Despite the popularity of live broadcasts, the problems of exaggerated publicity, data injection, and lack of after-sales services still exist. Some consumers reported that some anchors were suspected of spreading false advertisements when carrying goods, and problems such as misalignment of goods occurred.

Exaggerate publicity. "The live broadcast said that all durians are cooked, just right, they can be eaten. I placed an order with my heart. I didn't expect that it would be very raw when opened, and the publicity is seriously inconsistent with the actual product." Consumers Wang Xiyuan complained that although she eventually negotiated compensation with the merchant, after having experienced such an experience, she had doubts about live shopping.

Data flooding. An industry insider said that if he is willing to take risks, he is willing to brush up. Traffic is the first step, and conversion is the second step. Net red live streaming income has a certain relationship with traffic, but ultimately it depends on the conversion rate. The reporter searched for the keyword "turn volume tool" on the Internet, and Taobao traffic and traffic hunters all suggested on their official website that they could provide live streaming services. A customer service of the traffic hunter platform introduced that the increase of 10,000 views was priced at 400 yuan to 500 yuan, and claimed to be incremental data, which would not be detected by the platform.

Lack of after-sales. A consumer reported to reporters that she purchased a dress through a live broadcast and said that it could be shipped in about a week, but it had not been shipped in two weeks. The customer service responded that due to the large number of orders, the clothes were still being made. The reporter learned that there are uncontrollable factors in the live broadcast of online celebrities. For example, after the sale, the products cannot be produced and shipped as scheduled, resulting in a large number of refunds.

Industry insiders analyzed that many people saw the live broadcast business making money fast and swarmed. However, due to the immature team and other reasons, problems frequently occur.

The reporter noticed that many home appliance business platforms have begun to rectify. Taobao Live has introduced functions such as "artificial intelligence" identification technology, and combined with the original commodity and merchant governance system to protect the legitimate rights and interests of consumers; Mushroom Street has a professional anti-cheating team to combat unfair competition and Merchants with false trading behaviors will be punished for reducing power, blocking traffic, and refunding.

Regulators also regulate the format of live broadcasting. The State Administration of Radio and Television issued a notice a few days ago, demanding that the terms of online audiovisual e-commerce live broadcast programs and advertising programs be civilized and standardized, not exaggerate, and not deceive and mislead consumers.

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